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Gage M.’s Avatar
Gage M. Oct 08 195 views

what makes a good interview and how do i find a good job for me?

-I'm 16 almost 17, unemployed, and not a good home worker. -not sure what to get into job wise. -I'm not great talker and i'm shy around new people but i work well with others. -It may not seem like i listen sometimes but i just take a lil longer to process stuff -i'm not sure if you'd call...

job-search interviews

Camryn M.’s Avatar
Camryn M. Oct 08 128 views

What goes along with being a investigative journalist

At school,I am most interested writing and psychology.I like watching crime shows and seeing how they use forensic evidence to solve the crime .A topic that im am interested in is writing and researching certain interest of mine. What are some careers options that best align with these...

writing journalism criminal-justice

Cameron S.’s Avatar
Cameron S. Oct 08 158 views

Is a diesel mechanic have a good work enviorment?

I want to be a diesel mechanic diesel mechanical-engineer mechanical mechanics engineering engineer. I've always wanted to do this and was wondering if it was something I should try, this would tell me a...

Nicole D.’s Avatar
Nicole D. Sep 01, 2017 402 views

How can I make sure to keep applying to scholarships organized?

I'm really having a hard time keeping all the scholarships I'm applying for organized. I'm not organizing well. organizing scholarships application due...

Caroline C.’s Avatar
Caroline C. Oct 08 84 views
Lauryn W.’s Avatar
Lauryn W. Oct 13 218 views

Is it okay to graduate and still be undecided on your career choice?

I am in 11th grade and really want to do something medical but I don't want to wait to late to determine my career path. career medicine undecided college...


Pamella R.’s Avatar
Pamella R. Oct 12 110 views

What is the best college major to study before becoming a pediatrician?

I am in 9th grade. I want to go to college after high school to become a doctor that works with kids and their families. I am not sure on what the best college major is when it comes to becoming a doctor. medicine college-major...


Robert N.’s Avatar
Robert N. Oct 07 66 views

what skills are needed to be a registered nurse?

In school I am most interested in health and science classes. I'm very passionate about helping other people who cannot help themselves. A career I am interested in is nursing. What kind of personal skills are required to be a successful nurse?...


Kaelyn T.’s Avatar
Kaelyn T. Oct 12 76 views

What is a challenge you face as an athletic trainer?

I am a freshman in high school and I'm interested in being an athletic trainer because of my love for sports and soccer. sports athletic-training...


Yazmaine R.’s Avatar
Yazmaine R. Sep 01 144 views

As a genetic counselor what are some things you wish someone told you before pursuing this career?

I'm a high school graduate, graduated this year. I am enrolled in job corps and am doing research on careers that I may want to pursue psychology career career-path . I am interested in becoming a genetic counselor and want to learn as much as possible from someone already in that...

Elijah S.’s Avatar
Elijah S. Oct 08 89 views

How many days do you get off. Would I be able to spend the holidays with my family?

I want to become a doctor when I grow up. I am trying to go for a doctor that specializes in infectious diseases. I am also fascinated in psychology. doctor psychology...


Noah V.’s Avatar
Noah V. Oct 08 220 views

Is a career in accounting able to maintain an expensive lifestyle? Does this depend on position?

I'd like to maintain a fairly lavish lifestyle but im not picky with what that might mean. I'd just like to be paid an above average salary. financial-accounting accounting accountant finance...


Naturel S.’s Avatar
Naturel S. Oct 07 141 views

Is the road to becoming a OB/GYN hard?

I want to go to an HBCU and my major will be biology. I am very invested and interested in becoming and OB/GYN. I love helping younger people as well as people in general and telling people information about their health/ doctor medicine healthcare science biology health...


Alay'la B.’s Avatar
Alay'la B. Oct 08 115 views

What is the day to day life like of aquatic veterinarain? What do you do? What types of task are you given ? Is it similar to being regular veterinarain, what's different? what's similar?

I am Alay'la Brimage, I go to Cane Bay Highschool. I'm interested in becoming a marine/aquatic veterinarian. I just want to get more information about what it is like, how do you get there, is it fun etc. I like to sing, I love animals, and I really would enjoy helping them. veterinary...

animals biology marine-biology aquatics oceanology marine

Nina M.’s Avatar
Nina M. Oct 08 63 views

What do you do in the day as a veterinary assistant?

I am interested in becoming a veterinary assistant...


Jashaira V.’s Avatar
Jashaira V. Oct 17 89 views

I don't know what I want to be.

I don't know what I want to be when I group. professional...


Dalton D.’s Avatar
Dalton D. Oct 08 111 views

What is a day in a life of an orthodontist or an assistant like?

I was born in Georgia. I got to Cane Bay High school. When I grow up, I want to become something like an orthodontist. I want to learn about their life and understand what they have to do. college-major college orthodontist ortho orthodontics...


Celeste M.’s Avatar
Celeste M. Oct 08 78 views

what do you in a day of an art therapist?

I am interested in this field or something similar.. art...


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