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Summerville, South Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Apr 10 222 views

IS High Point University a good school for Technical Theater?

Thats basically my question.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Oct 01, 2023 182 views

What are some ways you complete work especially in distractions?

What are some simple steps that helped you go along with work like what helped you to remember certain things important especially. I'm a sophomore in high-school I'm interested on what I should know when going out to any workforce/field. Another question just came to mind, what salaries does...

Zeke’s Avatar
Zeke Oct 01, 2023 157 views

How does a 16 year old get a job ?

What do you have to do to make money and save it up for a car

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Sep 08, 2023 673 views

When it comes to joining the military, going to college, and having a dream job, what could be the best advice to do first What's the best thing for me to do start as soon as I graduate high school or take a break??

I am currently taking dual classes to help me with my college. I'm in many programs and applied for my SAT test. I'm taking classes to help me get my nursing more advanced when I graduate high school.

Kip’s Avatar
Kip Sep 06, 2023 276 views

Where can I find inspiration?

What would be a good website to find art inspiration or practice? I am trying to improve on figure making.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Sep 01, 2023 173 views

This is about Arts ?

How would i be able to get multiple scholarships for in school activates such as clubs and sports . What colleges are best for art and graphic design ?

abreezy’s Avatar
abreezy Aug 23, 2023 627 views

How is the cosmo industry good for low patience people?

how the costmo industry good for low patience people? i love makeup and things of that sort but i feel people have a way of annoying me. so is this a good career path?

Skylyn’s Avatar
Skylyn Aug 15, 2023 318 views

How can I best manage my time when I'm busy with so many different things?

I'm entering my senior year and I'm worried about balancing all the different things on my plate. I need to focus on college applications and my school work but I'm also interested in joining clubs and playing sports. On top of this, I will probably be working. How can I manage all these...

Skylyn’s Avatar
Skylyn Aug 02, 2023 325 views

How do I apply to college?

I am in 12th grade and I am not sure which college I want to go to. I am also debating whether I want to do online college or in-person. I do not know how to apply for scholarships and how to apply to college. I would like to know more info about college!

Leiya’s Avatar
Leiya Jul 18, 2023 556 views

In what ways could I get nursing internships Are there any tips for interviews, internships, or answering interview questions for any job?

I'm in the 12th grade and about to graduate. I'm looking to gain experience.

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn May 01, 2023 1462 views

Is it hard to become an investigator/detective without previously being a cop? And what majors would be beneficial for pursuing this career?

I know that a lot of investigators are or were police and worked to rank up to that position. I want to go into his field without joining the police. As for majors, I know criminal justice and law are good starts but what about psychology? Other than this career, I would love to go into...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 18, 2023 299 views

How do I work to build my connections?

It is difficult to build connections in an industry like commercial dance. Once you get your big break it is a bit easier, but how do you get the connections to get that big break?

Demajay’s Avatar
Demajay Mar 09, 2022 573 views

Ho hard is it to get to law school

my name is De'majay Campbell and I'm 16 years old. the reason why I chose this field is that I know people around me that I love that's getting wrongly convicted for stuff that they did do so I want to get justice for those people that get injustice #law #law-school #attorney #law-enforcement...

Garret’s Avatar
Garret Oct 25, 2021 1697 views

How hard can I expect organic chemistry to be?

#chemistry #college #biology

Garret’s Avatar
Garret Oct 22, 2021 568 views

For med-school, generally how hard is biochemistry?

#medicine #biochemistry #medical

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