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Summerville, South Carolina

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Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn May 01 96 views

Is it hard to become an investigator/detective without previously being a cop? And what majors would be beneficial for pursuing this career?

I know that a lot of investigators are or were police and worked to rank up to that position. I want to go into his field without joining the police. As for majors, I know criminal justice and law are good starts but what about psychology? Other than this career, I would love to go into...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 18 105 views

How do I work to build my connections?

It is difficult to build connections in an industry like commercial dance. Once you get your big break it is a bit easier, but how do you get the connections to get that big break?

Demajay’s Avatar
Demajay Mar 09, 2022 370 views

Ho hard is it to get to law school

my name is De'majay Campbell and I'm 16 years old. the reason why I chose this field is that I know people around me that I love that's getting wrongly convicted for stuff that they did do so I want to get justice for those people that get injustice #law #law-school #attorney #law-enforcement...

Garret’s Avatar
Garret Oct 25, 2021 332 views

How hard can I expect organic chemistry to be?

#chemistry #college #biology

Garret’s Avatar
Garret Oct 22, 2021 270 views

For med-school, generally how hard is biochemistry?

#medicine #biochemistry #medical

Jashaira’s Avatar
Jashaira Oct 17, 2021 280 views

I don't know what I want to be.

I don't know what I want to be when I group. #professional #animals

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 13, 2021 381 views

What classes do i need to be a vet tech

I'm 14 starting highschool and i want to be a vet tech #veterinary #medical

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 13, 2021 243 views

Is there a lot of job availability for massage therapists?

#job -search

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 13, 2021 259 views

What is the hardest part about being a massage therapist?


Makenzie’s Avatar
Makenzie Oct 13, 2021 235 views

What is the day in the life of a dental hygienist?

#dental-hygienist #dentistry #dentist

Navaeh’s Avatar
Navaeh Oct 13, 2021 331 views

What if you are stuck between two career paths, and dont know what one you should choose?

#arts #nursing

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Oct 13, 2021 247 views

What are some things that you considered before entering the Medical Field?

I am a freshman and currently exploring the Medical field and would #medicine #doctor #job #medical #college love to know the things you thought of when considering your job.

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Oct 13, 2021 263 views

What are some soft skills that are need to be and anesthesiologist?

I am in 9th grade and I am exploring the Health Care field currently and I am interested in anesthesiology. #healthcare #medicine #doctor

Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn Oct 13, 2021 423 views

Is it okay to graduate and still be undecided on your career choice?

I am in 11th grade and really want to do something medical but I don't want to wait to late to determine my career path. #career #medicine #undecided #college #career-choice

Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn Oct 13, 2021 344 views

What does it take to be a General Surgeon.

I'm currently in Health Science and have thought about being a General Surgeon. I really enjoy helping others. What are similar career choices just in case I'm not fully committed. #options #careerchoices #medical #doctor #surgery #surgeon #hospital-and-health-care

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