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Teonna F. May 18, 2016 589 views

Would the college help me look for a job, that's in my major, or at least point the way for me to get some experience and insight of my future career?

I want to get a career in dental hygiene or physical therapy, and I would like to know what the job is like from my view, and not someone elses. I would want the college that I'm going to, too show me some opportunities in the job field where I can earn some experience and maybe a little...

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Alan Y. Jan 16, 2018 421 views

Is a Graveyard shift during high school a good idea?

I got offered a job with a late night shift but I don't know if it's a good idea working so late and going to school at the same time. Will the job experience be worth it or will that kind of schedule do more harm then good? part-time highschool...


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Kayla L. Aug 24, 2018 347 views
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Dakota K. Jan 20, 2021 166 views

What is the typical hourly pay of a nuclear medicine technologist.

I am a 9th grade student researching nuclear medicine technology. technology...