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Cera Aug 09 253 views

Things to Research About Colleges

I've been looking at colleges for a while now trying to narrow down what one I'd like to go to. I just want to see what kinds of things to look for that make one college better than the other. I plan on living in the dorms, so I'll definitely look at those, but other than that (and the fact...

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Oscar Aug 03 335 views

Job seeker with lack of experience

I am applying for jobs and many of them require at least one or more years of experience. Is it worth it to apply even if I lack that experience?

Thank you!

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Saniya May 25 175 views

Becoming a social media Influencer

What are some tips to becoming a social media influencer? What are more ways to put myself out there to gain more followers and engagement on socials?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 23 228 views

What classes in college do you need to take to become a successful business owner?

I want to own a business due to sports. And I want to run more things that help people. And I want to know what classes I need to take to be able to do that.

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jun 01 286 views

How stressful is the accounting major? Do you suggest to be a full time student or part time

Do you suggest to be a full time student or part time? As people know college can be extremely stressful how should i manage my freshman year of college.

abdul’s Avatar
abdul May 16 227 views

can you be hired by a high paying job if you received low grades while in college.

college questions?

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Sam May 17 232 views

Is it ok to email a recruiter?

I was contacted by a recruiter for a position a year back and was not interested at the time, so I respectfully declined. I still have this recruiters email and wanted to ask them about another position at the same company that I have applied for currently since its been more than 2 weeks since...

Felix’s Avatar
Felix May 03 309 views

How can you start your career?

Sometimes to have a career you'll need to go to collage but in my case i don't want to go how can I start my career without having to go to collage?

thomas’s Avatar
thomas Apr 27 166 views

what will problems will I face as an Chief Executive

What type of college will be available for my career.

what type of work environment will I be in if I get the job

what is my pay

what will my office space include

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Frankie Apr 04 142 views

Does Video Games lead to violence and how can it avoid?

Video games like FPS.

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Ethan Apr 27 253 views

Questions I have

1 What is something you can do in your free time to improve your job skills?

2 Can you do all of it from home.

3 is there a specific school you need.

4 can you intern for this position.

5 how much free time do you have.

Timaree’s Avatar
Timaree Apr 25 206 views

What can I do to get internships at places for business

What can I try to look for or how do I find out what places have internships

meila’s Avatar
meila Apr 19 303 views

Are you happy with the field in construction that you chose?

i asked because i want to know the emotional impact this career might have on me.

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Apr 19 176 views

How many extracurriculars should I have?

How many extracurriculars / clubs should I be in? (Junior in high school)

meila’s Avatar
meila Apr 19 167 views

what made you pick the career that you are in now?

i dont have anymore questions.