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Theresa Olguin

DBT Therapist, Director of DBT Training and Certification
Community and Social Service Occupations
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jun 17, 2023 268 views

how do you mentally prepare to work as a therapist or psychologist?

I know some psychologist and therapist have their own things going on and might have to hear a lot of bad/sad things while at work so i was wondering how do you take care of your own mental to be prepared for that.

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa Jun 05, 2023 190 views

How much does an average psychologist get paid?


Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 31, 2023 697 views

How do you get up everyday to go to work?

What is your motivator?

trinity’s Avatar
trinity May 12, 2023 261 views

what is like day to day as a social worker?

trinity age 18

Renee’s Avatar
Renee Mar 13, 2023 164 views

What topics do psychology majors cover?

I'm interested in how mental health and how emotions, thoughts and behaviors connect. I was wondering what you really learn in that major.

ashli’s Avatar
ashli Mar 01, 2023 1864 views

what courses should i take in college if i plan to go into psychology ?

what specific major and/minor classes should i enroll in if i plan on going into sociology and psychology in college? how many years of college will i have to go through for this career?

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 08, 2023 900 views

What are the pros and cons of being a therapist?

What is the salary for becoming a therapist?

What licenses and certifications do you have to have?

How long does it take to study to become a wonderful therapist?

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Jan 28, 2023 467 views

What math classes should I take in junior/senior year for a psychology under-grad?

For psychology undergrad (psychiatrist end-goal), what math classes should I take junior and senior? (college credit general/stats or pre-calc/calc?)

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Aug 23, 2018 935 views

Should a social worker get a masters degree?

I am trying to decide whether I should just receive my bachelor's degree in social work or go on to receive my master's degree.

#socialwork #social-work #degrees

Carly’s Avatar
Carly May 23, 2016 5170 views

Being a psychology major, what are good volunteer opportunities I should join to build my resume for grad school?

It is hard to find internships for counseling and psychology, but my career adviser said that volunteer work is just as important. #psychology

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Nov 08, 2022 388 views

what are some important qualities/skills to be a good pschologist?

questions i have for assignment

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2022 350 views

Studying Psychology in college

What are good college majors to get jobs in psychology?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 04, 2022 590 views

What are good places to start looking into being a therapist and what are things I can do to start preparing to take this career path in high school?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am interested in becoming a therapist, but don't know exactly where to start research or how to become prepared. Thank you!

gabby’s Avatar
gabby Nov 08, 2022 9053 views

What do you consider to be your top three strengths and weaknesses as a therapist?

what are some things that you would consider to be good in a therapist? what are some traits that make them a good? why?

Mykah’s Avatar
Mykah Dec 04, 2020 733 views

Is it difficult being a Mental Therapist

#therapy #therapists #psychology #therapist