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Laurie Pritchard, Ed. S., M.A.T.

Executive Trainer, Rocket Mortgage
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Wilmington, North Carolina
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arely’s Avatar
arely Jun 26 284 views

Does going to a four year have benefits ?

I’m sure on going to a four year to get my business career done.

Halani’s Avatar
Halani Jun 27 198 views

How do I change my major if im not interested in it anymore?

I heard alot of people change majors but how do i do it if i want my major changed?

Dexter’s Avatar
Dexter Jun 29 514 views

What Did you want to become?

i will like become a professional footballer

Marisol’s Avatar
Marisol Jul 01 556 views

What options are available out of the classroom in public school?

I am a veteran teacher of 25 years and have a Masters in ESL. I want to broaden my professional career and increase financial opportunities for myself. I’m interested in a Doctorate but I am confused between PhD, EdD and EdS. I would also like to do Speech and Language Pathology or LDTC. I want...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Jul 01 483 views

What Did you want to become a teacher?

What Did you want to become a teacher?

Baoyi’s Avatar
Baoyi May 29 323 views

CC transfer to UC

I blindly selected courses in the first three semesters of CC, my GPA is very low, and some of my credits cannot be transferred. Will this reduce my chances of being accepted being accepted by good schools? What do I need to do to improve my chances of admission in the last three semesters?

Edward’s Avatar
Edward May 31 551 views

how can i see what job a degree will turn into?

i am not fully sure if getting a degree in something garnets a job, or if you have to work up to it, or if it is completely detached. And how you can see what jobs are to come from a degree

Abby’s Avatar
Abby May 31 632 views

How did you know that the major you picked is something you will enjoy for the rest of your life?

I'm going to be a senior in the fall and I think I want to go to school for occupational therapy assistant, then go on to get my masters.

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Mar 22 263 views

How did you start your career or how did you get into the job that you are doing today?

What college did you go to? What classes did you have to take in college and throughout schooling to get to your career?

valiliano’s Avatar
valiliano Mar 01 348 views

What is the greatest strength I bring to work

what is a benefit i can bring?

valiliano’s Avatar
valiliano Mar 01 400 views

if i accepted a job?

can I work more when Im a student?

mag’s Avatar
mag Dec 18, 2023 1108 views

How long did it take to chose your career path Why did you choose it? Did you enjoy your career? Would you change your career path if you had to?

Talk about steps, interest as a child and things of that nature

liky’s Avatar
liky Nov 28, 2023 554 views

What can I expect from Student Teaching as an Elementary Education Major?

What can I expect from Student Teaching as an Elementary Education Major?

Christine’s Avatar
Christine Nov 28, 2023 456 views

What does career means?

What means career in school? What does we do for careers?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 14, 2023 233 views

How to become a elementary school teacher?

I wanna be a elementary school teacher, how can i achieve this? And what are other paths as well? I do want to work with children so is there any other careers that are suggested?