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Engr III Spec-Systems Analysis
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Katy Oct 11, 2016 748 views

What options are there for someone aspiring to be a missionary to unreached people groups?

I plan to go to a community college for the first two years of my college career and get my gen-eds out of the way, and an associates in business, before going to a University where I plan to get a bachelor's degree in Intercultural Studies and Bible and Theology, and probably major in social...

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Zech Apr 01, 2015 1309 views

How do I understand Revelation better?

I am a high school senior and I have read lots of books on the Bible and Bible commentaries, but I still don't understand it. #books #biblical-history #reading-bible #theology #seminary

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Khadija Jan 26 973 views

Why do parents always try to choose their child career path?

Lately i had a conversation with my mom and i sense that she wants me to be a medical doctor but i want to get into the fashion industry when i finish high school. Do i try to convince my mom to let me choose my career path? Or do what she wants?

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Michaiah Jan 20 1302 views

What is a good college I can go to for business ?

what type of business i should do?

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Livia Jun 16, 2023 260 views

What are the legal barriers I should be aware of when trying to open a small business at 14?

I understand that because I am a minor, some things will have to go through my parent, and some things I can’t do at all. But finding information for what I can and can’t do as a minor is really difficult. I know I can purchase supplies myself in person with cash, the e-commerce website...

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Hayden Jun 16, 2023 356 views

How do you start looking into colleges in high school?

I want to major in psychology when I get to college. Is there any tips and tricks for me to know or anything to study for while I'm in high school.

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CareerVillage Office Hours May 03, 2023 391 views

How to become an actuary, and what topics are mainly needed to pursue that career?

I’m, a senior in high school that likes mathematics and I would want to use mathematics in my future job.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

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Anthony May 09, 2023 224 views

What things can I do to become a special ed teacher?

I have been wanting to be a teacher for a while

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Lawrence May 08, 2023 214 views

How would I start my own business at 16?


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dima Oct 04, 2022 569 views

Math feilds?

What are some good high-paying jobs that are in the math or statistics field, that have minimal college.

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Dennis Mar 09, 2023 570 views

what is the best state/city to have a business in?

senior in high school

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Israel Mar 09, 2023 674 views

What are some motivational tips to stay in school?

I've been contemplating lately whether should I do it or maybe hold a little longer to give up school.

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Ayon Jan 16, 2020 791 views

How do I become a Data Scientist after completing my undergraduate degree in Economics?

I'm currently pursuing an Economics degree (lots of econometrics experience) and I am learning principles of machine learning on the side. What aspect of data science should I focus on honing to get my foot into the world of DS/ML? #technology #economics

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Austin Feb 09, 2023 875 views

What are some good classes to take if I want to get into collage?

I need help trying to figure out what classes to take at my school if I want to go to collage

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Jakob Feb 14, 2023 661 views

When should high school student start preparing for college?

Students often wait until they are seniors before they start looking at colleges. This may cause stress and anxiety. There are also students that start looking really early.