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RICHARD Lee Apr 11 289 views

How much does your personality affect your Career?

On one personality test, I got 'Building 100', and, I got 'Artistic' (Creative) as my main personality. I also got:
1. Thinking: 48
2. Creating: 29
3. Helping: 25
4. Persuading: 57
5. Organizing: 39

1. Conventional:
2. Realistic:

How much do these tests affect you?

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James Feb 23 426 views

How do prepare for college

How do you find a college that fit you and what you are studying

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Nov 08, 2023 222 views

How do I know what's right for me?

I like creative work but I also like helping out I don't know a career that shows both of these

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Amaya Nov 09, 2023 267 views

How is the college process?

I’m a junior in high school and wondering how is the college process.Is their any tips for applying

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Rich Oct 20, 2023 1112 views

How would you know your perfect job?

Hello, How would you know if you found the perfect job/career for yourself?

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kagny Oct 20, 2023 236 views

What are most challenge part in working?

I don't know what I want to be when I get out of high school but i find nursing and designing interesting but I don't want to be any of those can you help me find other things that will help me find something I like.

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Emma Oct 20, 2023 471 views

What career best align with my interests?

I am in the 9th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests? At the school, I am most interest in art, computer science and graphic design. What are some career options that best...

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lani Aug 18, 2023 220 views

questions on my career or jo choices

What's the best job decision you ever made? What's the worst job decision you ever made? What is your greatest career strength? What is your greatest career weakness? How do you make decisions at work? ... What are your long-term career goals? Do you do any professional development?

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John Aug 18, 2023 210 views

Where can I find internships in IT related fields?

I’m a junior at DeVry University studying for a bachelor degree in IT. I also have interests in Computer Science and Database Science. I’m looking for part time remote opportunities as I’m disabled and still studying for my degree.

Abhijith’s Avatar
Abhijith Aug 18, 2023 265 views

College Credit Transfer?

Hi, I plan on taking college classes my senior year of High school. I plan on doing these both semesters. Will they transfer to colleges. If so, How do I transfer them?

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Vani Jul 20, 2023 307 views

How should one pay off student debt?

I have a lot of questions about college stuff. However, I have answered my own questions through out school. Although I have answered many of them myself, I really don't know how to pay off student loans. So my question is...
How should one get rid off student debt?

ally’s Avatar
ally Jul 20, 2023 400 views

Why is going to college important for my furture?

Attending college costs a lot of money that could be invested else where, why is it a good discison to go to college instead of traveling or immeadly going into the work force?

aza’s Avatar
aza Jul 21, 2023 328 views

Is there any kind of "out of the way" advice that you got that turned out to be really helpful?

Did you get advice or hear about something from a person or resource you didn't expect that might be helpful for an incoming college student to know?

Timberlan’s Avatar
Timberlan Jul 21, 2023 207 views

What would you do if you were me now How would you jumpstart yourself to find different careers??

What would you do if you were me now? How would you jumpstart yourself to find different careers?

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Lance Jul 06, 2023 529 views

What strategy can new design graduate students use to find a job in big tech?

Hello! I wish to ask about how hard it is to get into a big tech company UX design job now for a beginner-mid level designer who only worked for small companies, at the current time? And how about a prediction of the situation this December? I applied a few positions at Google, but haven't...