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Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna Oct 21, 2016 722 views

What is different for people in stem who get a dual-degree?

Job search wise. Is there a greater chance in getting a job than those with one degree? #college

Darryl’s Avatar
Darryl Oct 22, 2016 1558 views

In the Computer Science/Programming field, are credentials more important than student projects?

I plan to get a Master's degree in Computer Science, Programming, Software Engineering, or a related field. However, a lot of people I've talked to in the Computer Science field have told me that a MS degree in this field is unnecessary, and potential employers will judge you more based on any...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Oct 22, 2016 1055 views

How does a clinical microbiologist move on a daily basis? Is there daily research to be done?

I have always been interested in being a clinical microbiologist because biology is my strongest point. #biology #research #microbiology

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Oct 20, 2016 2063 views

What are some skills required to be an engineer that typically aren't thought of?

I'm asking because I want to have an edge against other future engineers. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #software-engineering #civil-engineering #personal-development

Kayna’s Avatar
Kayna Oct 21, 2016 1033 views

Is it easy or hard to start freelancing in mechanical engineering?

I really don't like the idea of a 9 to 5 job, and would like to freelance instead after several years of experience. I do believe that this would be fun, and I have done a lot of research prior to asking this question. #mechanical-engineering #scholarships #stem

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 22, 2016 981 views

How stressful is the job of an ER surgeon?

In movies it is depicted as a nearly impossible job, but is that the same in real life? #medicine #biology #pre-med #chemistry

David’s Avatar
David Oct 22, 2016 842 views

How quickly does aerospace engineering advance?

I would like to go into aerospace engineering. #aerospace

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Oct 22, 2016 1186 views

What field of nursing do you need the most training for?

I am very interested in nursing and honestly, super curious about all the different career options it can lead to. #nursing

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Oct 22, 2016 1006 views

What are some good colleges for forensic sciences?

I would like to be a forensic scientist or something in that field and I'd like to learn more about my opportunities at each college #biology #forensic

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Oct 19, 2016 1016 views

What is the minimum pay for an Animal Science degree?

As said in the other question, I am super interested in this field of study. #animals #zoologist #animalscience

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 22, 2016 722 views

Are there good paying jobs for Health Service Administrators out there?

I was looking to get a degree in this and would like to know, also what would they do in their daily work? #healthcare #health

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Oct 21, 2016 5650 views

What is it like to be an electrical engineer?

With college right around the corner, I would like to know what it really is like to do this job. I'm trying to decide if this is the career I really would like to pursue. I know some about electricity already and I like the way it all goes in patterns. But I would just like to know if this is...

jinsung’s Avatar
jinsung Oct 22, 2016 6245 views

What exactly is mechanical engineering? what should i expect? What are benefits of going into this field?

I recently got accepted to university of texas at dallas in mechanical engineering field. But i don't know what to expect in this field because i only chose it since the school didn't offer civil engineering course #mechanical-engineering

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 22, 2016 817 views

How much medical background information should I know if I'm looking into Pre-Physical Therapy?

Was heavily considering getting a degree in this but would like to know so I can be prepared #college #health #physical-therapy

Ericka’s Avatar
Ericka Oct 21, 2016 689 views

What are the best schools for engineering?

I am a high school senior who wants to pursue a career in engineering. #engineering #science