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Julie Jan 10 1202 views


"Hello, I am a first-year student pursuing a major in English and Literature. However, I am unsure if teaching alone would be a suitable career path for me. I am interested in exploring other well-paying job options. Additionally, as a student, I am also looking for part-time jobs that I can do...

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Zayne Jan 11 1363 views

How do you find a job or an opportunity based on the skills your good at?

For example if your good at drawing how could that apply to finding the right job. more specifically without a college education. Especially if you've already graduated from high school. I've been out of school for a year now and I'm trying to figure out the right path for me

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Naziyat Jan 11 1316 views

What major is better, Applied mathematics or Electrical engineering or architecture?

These three majors interests me the most. I like math and science. Which major would be good for me? Which major will make me more happy? If you have any other major related to these three feel free to suggest the major for me.

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Meena Jan 11 1937 views

How to choose the right career?

Hi, I'm 15years old grade 9th student. I want to be a doctor but my parents want me to be an engineer. How can I choose the right career for myself?

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Arianna Jan 10 1989 views

What is the best school for someone who wants to be an esthetician??

I'm in 9th grade and go to a STEM school, I want to stay in Louisiana or Alabama and I'm currently looking at Aveda for school.

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Lila Jan 11 596 views

How do I know what job is the right job?

How do I know what job will be best for me? what factors into it? I want t to make good money but I also want to have a job I know I will like and actually want to go to everyday, not one I say "ugh I have to go to work".