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Joshua Jun 10 441 views

How do I get my screenplay to be produced and do I make profit off of it ?

I’m writing a screenplay about a married couple. The husband cheats on his wife with his assistances and his wife finds out and kills them. After killing her husband and getting caught she kills herself. I honestly think that the screenplay is good so far and I think it could do well. I just...

Declan’s Avatar
Declan May 29 430 views

How do you get your first job on a film crew (likely as a PA) ?

I know it's hard to get there, but then most people say it snowballs to further jobs.

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea May 21 359 views

How can I better incorporate my photography with symbolism?

Im in 8th grade and have been taking photographs in a portfolio for a while, and I also like to write. But when I try to take pictures, I want to create a bigger meaning. How can I do that?

Yansiel’s Avatar
Yansiel Apr 26 547 views

How do other people get so good at photography?

How do other people get so good at photography? I want to learn how take beautiful photos and I want to be a photographer but I have no idea where to start and how I can improve

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 29 429 views

How can teenagers realistically portray adults when acting? #Sping2024

I am a 16 year old interested in making my career in film acting, directing, writing, and producing. I am creating a TV sitcom set in 1950s New York. All of my actors will be high schoolers, who will be portraying adults. How can I sell the idea to distributors such as Tubi, even though adult...

Halle’s Avatar
Halle Apr 02 487 views

What are some tips to get into the film industry for someone who is still in college?

I am a film major in my 2nd semester of college I want to be a creative director for film. I have little connections and I need some tips for success.

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Apr 19 598 views

What is the best networking for potential actors and writers that is better than LinkedIn?

I’m currently creating a list of schools to apply to. What are the best networking apps for potential actors and writers to beyond that’s not LinkedIn?

G’s Avatar
G Apr 20 536 views

where should i start to get into the film industry?

please help

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 28 566 views

How do I start acting? M/18 Years/ 6’5

How could I start my career as a actor at 18 with no prior experience? I really want to give acting a shot but I don’t really know what to do!

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 25 328 views

Do Producers and Directors work with Video and Film Editors?

Is becoming a FIlm & Video Editors hard to become in the future?

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Kaylee Feb 07 679 views

I’m interested in learning about what A Day in the Life was like for a Film maker?

I’m interested in learning about what A Day in the Life was like for a film maker. So far I have learned that the people tend to collab to have films done faster , but I would also like to know how this can affect the way the film looks/feels.