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Mounia Apr 02, 2017 1207 views

What should you do when you aren't getting replies from job postings?

I have applied for many positions on and Craigslist and haven't gotten any responses. Should I follow up or possibly change my methods, if so does anyone have any suggestions? #career #jobs #career-counseling #job-search

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Mounia Apr 01, 2017 1428 views

What to do when you don't get the job you really wanted?

I interviewed for a position that I really want and am wondering how I should prepare if I don't get the position? Should I consider volunteering for this organization? Social media was brought up by one of the women that interviewed me, should I look for additional oppurtunities by following...

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Mounia Apr 01, 2017 1336 views

Is it ever acceptable to ask members of the organization you interviewed with about other organizations that are potentially hiring?

I had an informational interview with an organization about their upcoming AmeriCorps position, which starts in August. I am currently unemployed and have been advised by family and peers to inquire about other organizations I can work at in the interim. Is it acceptable to ask? And if so how...

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Mounia Apr 01, 2017 1615 views

Which age group is the easiest to work with while working as a career counselor?

I'm interested in working with teens and adults as these age groups are more likely to be working than the elderly but also am looking to have a well rounded client base. #career-counseling #counseling

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Mounia Apr 01, 2017 840 views

How does a counselor figure out which areas they would like to specialize in? For example a person may specialize in Anxiety, Depression, and Anger Management and work in with the subgroups such as Self-esteem, Addiction, and Family Conflict.

Do counselors learn which areas they would like to specialize in while they are in school or do they learn while working for a number of years? #career-path #counseling

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Mounia Mar 17, 2017 1750 views

Do Industrial Psychologists suffer from the same drawbacks as human resource employees as many of these psychologists work in Human Resources?

What are the disadvantages of becoming a Industrial Organizational Psychologist? What are some of advantages? #psychology #human-resources

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Mounia Mar 17, 2017 1682 views

Do employers like reading Functional or Chronological resumes more?

Does the type of resume you have work better for different industries? I have a functional resume that I use in the financial services industry and a chronological resume that I use for non-profits is my method fine? #jobs #financial-services #resume-writing #nonprofits #job-application

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Mounia Mar 16, 2017 5221 views

What skills do I need to be a good mentor?

I'm curious about becoming a peer mentor to help me gain counseling skills and help me get into the non-profit. #volunteering #counseling #mentoring #personal-development

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Mounia Mar 12, 2017 1748 views

What are some of the worst job sites for finding non-profit work?

I have been using Idealist and not finding many current jobs. Craigslist also has not provided many great non-profit jobs. Should I just use any job posting site and hope that I find something? #job-search #nonprofits #non-profits

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Mounia Mar 12, 2017 1052 views

What job title would I hold if I wanted to provide businesses with employee personality assessments?

I'm wondering if jobs that help businesses with finding the best employees with personality assessments are psychology based jobs or a form of consulting? #career #psychology #jobs #consulting

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Mounia Mar 11, 2017 1900 views

Is job stability ever more important than job satisfaction?

I am an undergrad working towards my Bachelor's. I left a very stable, well paying job in a career that I wasn't passionate about or satisfied in. I am trying to make a career change and am wondering if in the beginning of a person's professional career if job stability is actually more...

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Mounia Mar 08, 2017 1095 views

What should you do if you don't get accepted to any of the colleges you want to attend for grad school?

I am looking at colleges that I want to attend for grad school and am wondering what I should do if I don't get accepted to any of my schools of choice? #career #graduate-school #graduate

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Mounia Mar 07, 2017 1146 views

How do people with "helping jobs" manage their stress?

I have heard that counseling and work in social services can be very stressful. As an aspiring counselor, I'm wondering what methods do people in those fields use to manage their work related stress? #career-path #counseling #stress-management

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Mounia Mar 07, 2017 1505 views

What is the best way to initiate an informational interview?

I am looking to contact local therapist and counselors on Psychology Today. I am wondering if I should just send them an email explaining that I am an aspiring Career Counselor and ask if I can get an informational interview or should I call them? What are the best methods for an informational...

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Mounia Mar 01, 2017 1248 views

Are there ways to deal with an unprofessional coworker without involving hr or is it always better to bring in a supervisor?

I have had issues in the past with unprofessional coworkers and did not speak up. I want to know what I should say if issues like the ones I had in the past come up again. #human-resources #employer-relations #supervisor