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Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 17, 2016 1000 views

I do not know what I want to pursue in college. I know I want to help people, what careers can I go in?

I'm a 17 year old senior, currently I am thinking of becoming a dentist but before that I wanted to pursue pharmaceuticals. I've been hopping around from career the career, but as I am applying to colleges I need to make up my mind. Please help me. #business #medicine #nursing...

Joy Clarisse’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse May 13, 2016 1163 views

How did you get to be successful in youth ministry?

I am going to college to get an M. Div in Pastoral Studies and I plan to be a youth minister. How do I make sure I can be successful in this? #leadership #youth #ministry #youth-ministry #youth-leadership #christian #ordained-ministry #youth-advocacy

Shadae’s Avatar
Shadae Mar 21, 2015 1356 views

What distinguishes a family therapist from a psychologist?

I am a senior in high school and I am considering majoring in psychology. I am unsure of what career I would like to do under this major. #psychology #psychologist #therapist

Abner’s Avatar
Abner Mar 17, 2015 1484 views

To whomever it may apply to, how did you know what career path of psychology to pursue?

I am a senior in high school right now and I am searching some potential career opportunities for after a I graduate college. However, although I do have time to decide what to do with my life, I fear that I will not know what will interest me the best when deciding what direction of psychology...

Mercedes’s Avatar
Mercedes Mar 17, 2015 944 views

In order to become a family therapist, are specific clubs or internships that are newly instated since 2008?

I am a senior, with experience of being in family drama, who wants to know if there is a possibly that I would have to learn different techniques to adopt from a family therapist so for when I actually take up this occupation, I will be able to positive service to my patients. #psychology...

Jazmine’s Avatar
Jazmine Mar 26, 2014 16064 views

Do you or have you thought about mashing nutrition and psychology into one career? Has it worked out or do you think it will work out? Why or why not?

I am interested in nutrition's effect on emotional and physical diseases. I want to replace pills and medication as such with nutrition and all natural, super-food diets. I have not heard of a psychologist who, for example, would replace antidepressant pills with cashews, which are natural...

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Sep 15, 2014 2309 views

What career would fit me best?

I have to pick a career for my English class and since im a senior, I would like to pick something I am actually considering going into but I have no idea what I should pick. I am a senior in high school and i am creative. i like helping people by giving them advice or talking them through a...