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Chanjewon’s Avatar
Chanjewon Feb 07, 2019 917 views

What's it like to work as a computer programmer/coder?

#computer-science #computer #technology #programming #computer-hardware

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Amenda Jan 23, 2018 720 views

what is the meaning of life?

When you are at your senior year, classes get easier and workloads just decreased. However, when I sat in the car alone, staring at the school. Wondering what was the whole point, after struggling for 3 years, there's a leap relaxation. And after that, you do it all again with college and...

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Mar 16, 2018 1046 views

What are some great resources, websites, or techniques that I can use to continue developing my programming skills?

I want to retain and improve what I'm learning in class in terms of coding skills as well as learning new languages and skills. #programming #cyber-security

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 1236 views

Is Harvard ALWAYS the best place to go to college to be a lawyer

Is it really always best #law #lawyer #criminal-defense

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 11, 2018 698 views

What types of degrees do they offer in the Law program?

I've been interested in becoming a lawyer since i could remember. The type of lawyer i dream of being is a corporate lawyer for a big company. I love to help people and see good things turn out for good people and the pay is decent! #business-lawyer

D’s Avatar
D Apr 11, 2018 1483 views

How is an MBA different from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration?

#business #business-management #management #mba

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Apr 03, 2018 767 views

Is it hard for a foreigner that went to American Law School to find work?

I'm an undergraduate at UT Austin currently on a student visa and I think I want to go to Law School but I don't know if it'll be easy to find work since I would need the workplace to sponsor an H1-B visa or a Greencard for me to stay in America. Does anybody relate to this situation or know...

Mohd’s Avatar
Mohd Apr 29, 2016 1407 views

Is there any job that doesn't require a high school, community college, technical college or 4 year college education?

I believe in talent and skills of person. #doctor #engineer #teacher #accounting #lawyer #art #accountant #pilot #hr

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Nov 09, 2016 1117 views

Should I apply for as many relevant opportunities that come my way?

I am currently in my second year as an electrical engineering major. My gpa is below a 2.5. Should I count myself out of having a chance at these opportunities and work on my gpa or should I apply and see what happens for this year? #engineering #internships #research #gpa #grade

issaih’s Avatar
issaih Apr 04, 2018 755 views

how do you learn coding also what is the time process.


Joie’s Avatar
Joie Jan 17, 2018 750 views

Is it hard to maintain your moral convictions as a criminal prosecutor?

I want to become a lawyer in the criminal prosecution field, but I am also a devout Catholic with strongly held morals. I know that as a lawyer you may have to deal with controversial situations on which you are not always on the "right" side. How do lawyers reconcile this or practice...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 25, 2016 1091 views

How do law firms choose their new hires?

When you are going through law school are they already looking for people or do they not look until you have already graduated? #law #lawyer

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Apr 07, 2015 4527 views

What is a good state to become a district attorney? Or what are some well known colleges?

I am a 17 year old sophomore planning my future early, and plan to be a district attorney after college. #college #law #lawyer #future #district-attorney

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 08, 2014 1159 views

what should be my next steps after graduating high school to get into law.

hi everyone im a senior and i was wondering what should i do after graduating high school to get into law. what should be my next step? #lawyer

Kris’s Avatar
Kris Feb 08, 2017 740 views

How much money do a lawyer make a year?

Cause I want to know how am I gone be able to take care of my family? #lawyer