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Guanlong’s Avatar
Guanlong Apr 01, 2019 493 views

What is the job market for entry-level data scientist right now?

I am looking for a data science job, but it looks like there are less entry level postings than senior level postings. #data-science #computer-science #job-search #job-market

Jalaal’s Avatar
Jalaal Jan 22, 2018 901 views

What are jobs like with a computer science/computer engineering degree? As well as other tech jobs.

I'm a junior in high school. I am part of my schools tech academy and I hope to find a career in tech when I get older. I want to major in computer sciences or computer engineering. I'm interested in video games,baseball and cars. I just really don't know what the jobs are like in these majors....

giorgos’s Avatar
giorgos Mar 15, 2019 570 views

hello, i am a Msc student in Big data & analytics and i would like to learn more about data science career options

fields of interest data analysis, machine learning, big data #computer-science #career #technology #machine learning

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Mar 19, 2019 12270 views

How is Computer Science Used in Movie Production?


John’s Avatar
John Feb 27, 2019 479 views

What course do you recommend to learn about Deep Learning?

I want to learn more about Deep Learning, as in machine learning with neural networks. Is there a course that would give me practical knowledge in this area? #computer-science

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Mar 18, 2019 354 views

What skills outside of college should i perfect that would benefitme towards a computer hardware degree

#computer-science #computer-hardware #computer-engineering #college

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Mar 05, 2019 492 views

What advice would you give a college student trying to get their first tech internship?

#internship #college #job-application #tech #technology #jobs #computer-software #computer-science

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Mar 06, 2019 513 views

Could taking computer science or other technology classes benefit a biology major?



Rashmi’s Avatar
Rashmi Feb 27, 2019 714 views

How do I change my career from Software Engineer to Data Scientist?

#software #engineer #technology #computer-software #engineering #dataScience #machineLearning #it #ai

Revanth Sai Reddy’s Avatar
Revanth Sai Reddy Mar 18, 2019 710 views

Confused Future

I have been working as a Software Developer on Delphi and SQL for past one and half years. Now i am going for Masters in Computer Science. What skills do i have to develop so that i can get a job in Top companies in US like google,Apple, Microsoft? Please help me. Thankyou in advance...

Nitesh’s Avatar
Nitesh Mar 07, 2019 475 views

How do i get an internship in data science / Software engineering in India ?

#internship #computer-science #data-science #tech

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Mar 13, 2019 553 views

As someone who is a software developer, what is the most challenging part of the job?

#software-engineer #software-developer #technology