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Gwen Feb 29, 2020 831 views

Taking classes for fun?

Have you ever taken any classes for fun that do not fit any requirements? How was you experience? #student #university #college

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Mar 02, 2020 420 views

As someone transitioning between a small high school and (possibly) a large university, how would you suggest that I cope with the change in the structure of my learning?

I am a senior in high school and my interests are fairly wide-ranging. I plan on eventually attending law school, but I am undecided on the school I will attend and undergraduate major. I am awaiting my decisions from various schools across the country that are generally large; I have been...

Giorgos’s Avatar
Giorgos Mar 02, 2020 732 views

Is university degree really necessary?

Hello, I've been wondering since I started university if it's vital for our life in the future or not. For example for me neither I finish or not I'm still getting a job because I have experience as car mechanic. I remember before starting 3 workshops wanted me to join their company (not...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 02, 2020 735 views

how long is getting your bachelor degree in nursing

I am 20 years old #nursing

Aun’s Avatar
Aun Feb 23, 2020 581 views

What looks better on a College Application, Paid internship or Unpaid?

This isn't tailored to internships in terms of job prospects, rather it is a question about which path would be better suited to place on a college application. The money isn't needed, but it would definitely be helpful. However, if an unpaid internship is a way to go, I will certainly not...

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Mar 30, 2018 843 views

What is the best way to pay off your student debt?

I'm starting #college in the fall. I'm working on #scholarships but I know I'll still have some debt. #financial-aid #student-debt

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Feb 21, 2020 734 views

I want to enroll in the computer science program in dawson cegep, it is a three year program, but what if I'm wrong when I think I'll like it?

I am about to enroll in the computer science program in Dawson, it's a three year program and I honestly do not want to lose time. I've done computer coding and analysis before and i loved it, it was my best class, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure if I'll keep liking it when I get...

Joianna’s Avatar
Joianna Jan 28, 2020 579 views

How do I find and succesfully get an internship for architecture?

I am an architect student at Fullerton college looking for an internship, I am set to graduate this spring and need this internship to graduate #architecture #internship #business

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 26, 2020 601 views

What are some ways for me to find more volunteer ops?

I am a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Computer Information Systems. I would like to develop my technical skills but I am not quite sure where to start. Any advice would be helpful, thank you. #volunteer #internship

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Dec 12, 2019 509 views

How much education do you need to become a crime scene investigator?

I'm in public safety to become a crime scene investigator. #PublicSafety

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Dec 26, 2019 944 views

What’s the fastest way to go from a nurse to a doctor?

High school student #doctor

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Dec 26, 2019 574 views

Do you have to have a masters degree to be a doctor?

#doctor #medicine

stan’s Avatar
stan Dec 21, 2019 995 views

I have no idea what I want to do

i work at walmart and i need more money but walmart is already paying me 11$ an hour #money

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Keaton Nov 05, 2019 538 views

Did you have an internship?

#Culinary-arts #internship #cook #chef

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany Dec 18, 2019 852 views

How do I decide what major I should pick?

I am a third culture kid who has lived all over the place. I really love people and working with children , especially kids who come from rougher situations. I was looking into going in as a #psychology major but then I wanted to study more of the medicine aspect. But then I realized I love...