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Carina Jul 03, 2021 474 views

what can i do if im interested in interior design


Hanna’s Avatar
Hanna Jan 16, 2018 923 views

What would be the best way to start a business in flipping houses?

I want to be an interior designer and I want to help people create a home of their own,but don’t know how to start or what college is best for my specific major. #business #online-marketing #interior-design

Hanna’s Avatar
Hanna Jan 16, 2018 914 views

Do I need to have some type of internship in order to get my foot in the door with interior design?

I want to be an interior designer, but I don’t know where to start. Should I start college looking for people who are wanting to go down the same path as me or who have already gone down that path? #interior-design #design #internships

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Mar 17, 2018 797 views

Why don't I see any women Architects?

I was watching a series on Netflix called " The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" and as the host of the show interviews these architects they are predominantly men that have sculpted these buildings. #architecture

James’s Avatar
James Oct 22, 2016 999 views

I like computer drafting and architecture. I would like a 2 year degree. Would I have a disadvantage over someone with a four or five year degree?

People are telling me a master's degree is better than an associate's. #or #someone #with #year #either #five #two #architecture #computer-aided-drafting #drafting #architecture-and-planning #architect #career

sammy’s Avatar
sammy May 19, 2016 921 views

How do I become an architect?

What are the steps in the design process, and how are they organized?.What do you expect me to provide?.How disruptive will construction be? #architect #web-architecture #higher-education #architecture

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 18, 2017 987 views

Should I get a Mac or a PC for college if I am majoring in architecture?

This fall I will be a freshman majoring in architecture at Cal Poly SLO. My dream is to become an architect and I really want to make the most of this college experience. I am trying to decide whether I should get a Macbook of some kind of a Windows laptop. The students I have spoken with who...

Diandra’s Avatar
Diandra May 18, 2016 969 views

If I am majoring in architecture, should I get a masters in architecture after I earn my bachelors in architecture?

I know that some people major in civil engineering, then they go to get a masters in architecture or vice versa. #major #civil-engineering #architecture #architect #masters

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Jul 26, 2016 1327 views

What Career to chose from??

Well, am interested in Fashion Modeling, a Piloting, and a Scientist and all of this are good career choices but my parents expect me to make them proud by choosing a great career choice that isn't modeling or traveling a lot and also earn a good money pay. But I love traveling places and need...

shradha’s Avatar
shradha Jun 24, 2016 1045 views

do i have to brush up my drawing skills to become an architecture?

I want to become an architect but my drawing skills are not up to the mark,what do I do? #design #architect #interior #drawing #drawing-skills

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 21, 2016 1315 views

Do you have to memorize color pallets for interior design?

I am asking this because I feel knowing color pallets would be helpful and important. If so I should start memorizing them now. #interior-design

Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie May 19, 2016 1314 views

what state would be the best to live in to start a interior design business?

I am 18 and im going to University of San Francisco CA. Im asking this question because i want to know where i should start my career. #interior #designers #interior-designer #interior-decorating #commercial-design

Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie May 19, 2016 1234 views

what would be the best field to study if I am going into Interior Design as a career?

I am 18 living in Utah and asking for suggestions for me as I am going into Interior decor. #business #design #interior-design #interior-decorating

Shi Ying Quince’s Avatar
Shi Ying Quince May 19, 2016 1428 views

If I don't graduate with a degree in Interior Design, is it very hard to find a job?

I am asking this question because I am studying interior design right now, but due to some academic issues I can't continue with the major. I still want a job associate with interior design will that be something difficult to do? The major I will be changing to was my minor - Japanese....

heidi’s Avatar
heidi May 04, 2016 1205 views

What are the top architecture schools in California?

I'm a high schooler - should I try and intern somewhere or should I start to study anything in particular? #architecture #architect