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kazim’s Avatar
kazim Jun 13, 2020 1589 views

i need help finding my passion and building a strong foundational skills

I am a wildly curious person about life as we all are but I think that one of the things that I am lacking is that I have no passion and that I don't have an interest. I also feel that I lack a strong foundation and I have no foundation when it comes to anything and I am not good at anything....

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 03, 2020 2943 views

What do you wish you knew before going to college and deciding your major?

I have one more year left of high school and am currently looking into colleges and majors to decide where I will be applying to in the fall. As excited as I am for the future, I am very new to all of this and want to make the right decisions when it comes to paying for college, choosing the...

Isolena’s Avatar
Isolena May 18, 2020 768 views

There are many career paths that I am interested in: Marketing, Psychology, Ultrasound Tech, etc. How did you know which occupation was right for you, and how has it affected your life?

I am curious about occupations and would love to know a little more about how you chose the right job for yourself. #career #psychology #marketing #nursing #curious

Harry’s Avatar
Harry May 17, 2020 748 views

If you could change one thing about your college freshman year, what would you change?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #college

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 881 views

What advice do you have for a future college student?


Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 728 views

How did you get the money to pay for college?

#college #student

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 817 views

Can you do college while living at home?

#college #student #college-admissions

Ahmad Fahim’s Avatar
Ahmad Fahim May 16, 2020 785 views

Is it nice to pursue a different passion even though you have studied Engineering?

I am an electrical engineering student, 2nd year from Kabul, Afghanistan. #electrical-engineering #college

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 15, 2020 600 views

Do certificate coarse add to a science related resume (neuroscience) such as certificate coarse from coursera or edX?

Undergraduate student studying neuroscience and psychology #psychology #neuroscience #biology

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 15, 2020 1108 views

Thank you!

I know this is for questions but I just want to thank all the professionals for there answers and support
#thank you

Domenica’s Avatar
Domenica May 14, 2020 1833 views

How can you determine what career is best for you?

Building things and finding solutions to problems are things I like as well as being able to help people. I plan on opening a business whether it is in auto mechanics or construction.
#construction #business #automotive #career

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 14, 2020 809 views

What is something that helped you throughout the process of getting a teaching job?

I am an eighth grader who is wondering about things that could help me get a job teaching. I am looking for some advice about teaching and some smart decisions that you made that helped you become an educator. #job #teaching #education

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 22, 2017 1409 views

What do you do, when you don't know what to do with the rest of your life?

How do you know when you are 18 and starting to think about your major what you really want to do with the rest of your life? What if you are unsure? Did they talk to you about careers in high school? Mine didn't. It was accelerated, average, and vocational, oh wait and farmers. Maybe I...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 12, 2020 2026 views

Should I work/intern during the school year in college or wait until summer?

#college #internship #work