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Egypt, TX

Within 40 mile radius
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Bianca Jul 07 335 views

What is the right career?

I'm a student that'd like to know the right career

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S Jul 06 354 views

How does ED work with financial aid from the school?

When you get accepted ED and you have to commit there, what if you don’t get the scholarships and aid big enough to attend ? - just curious

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S Jul 06 327 views

How do I secure a shadowing opportunity as a highschool senior during summer?

Hello, I’m a rising senior and am interested in shadowing a physician. I tried finding doctors on websites but I cannot find any of their emails and frankly, I’m not even sure if most of them are willing to be shadowed as I’ve cold called clinics before and they said that they weren’t open to...

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S Jul 06 254 views

What do I do summer before senior year ?

I feel so discouraged because i’m too late in applying for internships and programs and it has been weighing down on me for so long. I feel like my college resume isn’t strong enough.
(also if anyone knows any summer volunteer programs related to healthcare that’s still open in houston, pls send)

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Amber Jul 05 181 views

Vet tech classes?

What classes in high school and collage would be most helpful with being a vet tech?

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Meghana Jul 05 306 views

What are some helpful minors for Biotechnology majors?

I am interested in the biotech field and hoping to pursue bioinformatics track.

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Gabriella Jul 02 145 views

What can i choose as my career?

hi i'm in 8th grade...i love mathematics a lot and i want to explore career options specially in business that involves lots of numbers

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Noelani Jun 30 372 views

What should a person starting with community college do to become an optometrist ?

I am a just graduated high school student, and I want to become an optometrist. I personally don't have great vision and use glasses everyday of my life, which has caused me to get interested in the study of the eyes and to then want to go to school for optometry. After high school, I am...

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Fairy Jun 27 360 views

I am a high school senior who is really interested in pursuing a BSN. However, I am unsure which college would be the best fit. I live in Houston, TX. I am primarily interested in competitive universities and I always look for ones with low acceptance rates, as I have a pretty decent GPA and good stats and would like to challenge myself further. Please provide me with some advice on what my priorities should be when looking for a college. Also, does it matter if a college has a high acceptance rate? I feel that attending a university with a high acceptance rate makes me believe that I am among people who may not be as competitive, and I feel that I deserve to challenge myself more.

Also would like to know if it would be easier for me to get an in-campus job as soon I will get my EKG and phlebotomy certification through High school. Like any universities that have good medical centers nearby that will get me a part-time job. Please any sort of advice would be appreciated...

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caleb Jun 18 328 views

how do i tailor my career path in such a way that after i am done it would be easier to get a job ?

i have always been interested in medicine

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Rachel Jun 18 381 views

How can I work overseas with an HR Management bachelors degree ?

I am currently an HR Assistant for a Manufacturing company, but my ultimate dream would be to work overseas for a manufacturing or oil/gas company.

Anuoluwapo’s Avatar
Anuoluwapo Jun 17 229 views

How is it possible to pursue a major in nursing but also biology at the same time#Spring23?

Hello! I want to go to school and major in biology to pursue further education at medical school but I also want to have a back-up and at least a job that will give me some experience in the healthcare field, but I don't know if it's possible to pursue nursing and biology at the same time even...

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Iqra May 30 683 views

How do I find a career and study coaching

I’m confused In finding career

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Faith May 28 783 views

What roadmap do I need to become good and get a job in cyber security

I'm still in highschool, but I'm starting to think of what next next to do after highschool.

Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya May 23 504 views

Which major has a better outlook for the future (computer science engineering or biomedical engineering) and what other courses or skills should I take or develop before and during college? #Spring24

I'm asking as a student who has just completed junior year(4.52 gpa and top 13%, 1560 SAT) A secondary question would be whether I would be able to get into a biomedical degree as I have a background in comp sci with (AP computer classes..) but a weaker background in biology/health-related...

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