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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Within 40 mile radius
Benny’s Avatar
Benny Feb 19 471 views

What IB sl and HL courses should I take if I would like to purse criminal pyschology?

What IB sl and HL courses should I take if I would like to purse criminal pyschology, what IB courses would be helpful to prepare for my undergraduate

sofea’s Avatar
sofea Sep 19, 2023 601 views

What should be my minor subject?

Hi, i’m studying management, planning to major in international business or operation management, any suggestions for minor subjects? or any advice? i’m also planning to work in the beauty industry.

ahmed’s Avatar
ahmed Aug 11, 2023 745 views

what are some investment banking/finance-related opportunities?

I currently study finance at Taylor University, Malaysia. And am interested in investing, banking, finance, economics, and how money works. I was looking for opportunities to work in a related sector such as investment banking or banks in general. Still, I want to know which countries have such...

Auni’s Avatar
Auni Mar 03, 2022 525 views

Are there any Jobs that include law that doesn't cause someone to be easily burned out?

i have a tendency to overwork myself in almost everything i do, and despite seeing how demanding most law jobs are, i am very interested in it. However, i know how hard it can get to regain momentum after a sudden burn out. #law #job

ahmed’s Avatar
ahmed Jan 21, 2022 799 views

what is the best business major degree in the work field ?

im thinking about : 1- business administration 2-international trade and business 3-finance and banking 4- logistics and business 5-economics #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management #college-major #work #finance #degree#...

ahmed’s Avatar
ahmed Jan 19, 2022 567 views

what is the best college to study business in turkey ?

specially in istanbul .
has a strong certificate so i can work anywhere .
with low fees .
#business #college #college-major #professor #istanbul#studyinturkey#businessdegrees#help#college-recommendations #entrepreneur

Auni’s Avatar
Auni Nov 20, 2021 555 views

What is it like being an estate planning lawyer/constituional lawyer/civil litigation lawyer?

I am currently trying to figure out what course to take for University in the near future. However, I am still indecisive about it, but I have been leaning towards Law (particularly, in civil litigation, constitutional and estate planning law) for some time now but, I am still hesitant about...

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 56026 views

What is the difference between CV and resume?

#resume #CV

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 2801 views

how to write a great personal statement?

#writing #personalstatement

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 997 views

what can I be if I further my study in Environmental Science?

#environment #career

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 08, 2021 1125 views

ive read that its better to have experience in volunteering works to apply for scholar or jobs, but how can i prove my volunteering work if that organisation did not provide the certificate?

#career #stemcareers #advice

Sharmilla’s Avatar
Sharmilla Feb 26, 2021 733 views

How do I make my resume stand out when I don't have any work experience?

I'm a final year student who has to go into the corporate world soon. However, it's hard writing and building my resume because I have no previous work experience. How can I stand out? #job

Jain’s Avatar
Jain Jan 08, 2021 463 views

What should I pick for my igcse

I can’t choose between dentist or interior designer. Ik these both r completely different stuff ... but Iam having difficulties in bio and add math and they r the most important subjects( hope this makes sense) #dentist #interiordesigner #igcse

Muhammad’s Avatar
Muhammad Sep 20, 2020 1523 views

I’m on my final year in bachelor of computer science and I’m having a cgpa of 3.1 . What should I do after graduate?

I think I already ruined my future . Is there anything I can do to become a developer? #bachelors-degree #computer-science #jobs

Sashmitaa’s Avatar
Sashmitaa Jan 18, 2020 789 views

Right now I’m doing my Diploma in Accounting. And I’m not sure if I should do my professional papers or pursue a degree with a minor in something?


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