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Millbrook, New York

Within 40 mile radius
Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Jun 09 400 views

I’m really passionate for sports but haven’t fully committed to a single sport yet, and I just finished my sophomore year of high school, should I try committing to a single one for a college scholarship?

My entire childhood was soccer. When the pandemic hit, I stopped playing and got very rusty, then late pandemic I tried out for a travel team and was a disaster. I played on, knowing that improvement comes with practice. In eighth grade I played basketball. Last year in freshman year I played...

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Jun 09 712 views

How can I find out what category of business I should pursue in ?

When I was 12 I started a cookie business where I sold many cookies and loved the concept of starting up a business in a hobby that at the time I enjoyed. After time passed, baking so much by myself was a lot of work that I simply couldn’t handle, and I decided to let the small business go. If...

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Apr 26 481 views

How would you describe work in a hospital?

I'm interested in nursing, but locations near me require students to be 18 in order to intern, so I don't know have very much experience in the environment. Any advice would be really appreciated!

Bryana’s Avatar
Bryana Apr 26 332 views

How do you find the balance between choosing a financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling career?

I'm a Mexican first-generation high school senior who needs guidance on this topic specifically.

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Apr 26 254 views

How did you decide which states you would get an optometry license for?

I plan on living in New England after I graduate from optometry school in 2027, but am unsure exactly where I will end up. Did you receive an optometry license in one or multiple states, and why?

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Shira Apr 25 670 views

What jobs are best for people (me) who want to deal with all the technology and behind the scenes of film/tv?

I am going to college for film/tv/digital media production and was wondering what are all the jobs I can get out of it that are super technical and less screenwriting and such.


nivea’s Avatar
nivea Apr 10 206 views

How dose one stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in architectural engineering? (what are the biggest projects)

How dose one stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in architectural engineering? (what are the biggest projects)

shirley’s Avatar
shirley Jan 25 431 views

What was your path like to being a teacher?

I want to be a teacher but I'm not sure if I am suited for the job

maria’s Avatar
maria Dec 13, 2023 480 views

how can I get garenteed scholarships?

I want to be able to go to a good collage but ofcourse its really expensive so I want to get huge scholarships so I dont have to spend too much money on my fees but instead for other important things.

Celeste’s Avatar
Celeste Nov 30, 2023 335 views

How to start designing?

Hi, I'm an 8th grader and looking for a school that allows me to work on something that I love which is designing.

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Nov 29, 2023 1321 views

What are some step on becoming a doctor after I graduate Highschool

I want to know if there are specific step I need to take in order to go to collage. what are some best collages for this field and how can I get a scholarship for them?

Mygdalya’s Avatar
Mygdalya Nov 18, 2023 2227 views

Can i get a good job with a G.E.D only?

Is it easy to get a good job with a G.E.D and not a high school diploma. I know its gonna be harder but everyone is making it seem like its impossible.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2023 505 views

How to get into an REU as a first year college student?

I'm looking to get into a summer REU for bioinformatics or data analytics and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get into one of these programs as a first year student?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2023 1227 views

How do I combine data science and marine bio in a career?

How do I combine data science and marine bio in a career? Right now I'm in college pursuing an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics with a focus in biology and data science but I was wondering what careers combine data science and marine biology because I know they work together but you...

Nohemi’s Avatar
Nohemi Oct 04, 2023 1686 views

If if don’t take chemistry in HS then in college will I retake the class ?

Will I have to take a summer program in college

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