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Diamond-Jay W.’s Avatar
Diamond-Jay W. Apr 14 103 views

What jobs can you get if your a child and family studies major

I like to help people and I’m caring...


Aidan R.’s Avatar
Aidan R. Jun 04, 2015 3155 views

What is currently the best programming language for designing videogames?

I'm in high school and really interested in game design. I'm just a little curious to know what language is the best or most used. programming video-games...


Alyssa T.’s Avatar
Alyssa T. Feb 08, 2017 361 views

How long does it take to get a book published?

Writing books takes a long time and I want to know if publishing it takes just as long....


Kendal B.’s Avatar
Kendal B. Jun 18, 2015 869 views

what colleges have the talent pipeline management program

because i want to get a job as soon as i leave college so that i can buy my own apartment or house and supplies to take care, live, and eat there college...


Sara D.’s Avatar
Sara D. Oct 24, 2016 873 views

what does some in public relations do in a day?

WHo do they talk to and what sort of degree do they need? communications...


Alyson B.’s Avatar
Alyson B. May 07, 2019 190 views

What are some ways I can get PCE hours for PA school without any certifications?

I am going into my third year of undergrad. I have my CPR certification and some experience being a Wellness Technician, however I do not have time while in school to take more classes to get more certifications. What types of jobs and internships should I be looking for in order to help me...


Hannah  O.’s Avatar
Hannah O. May 22, 2015 780 views

How could I start perusing my acting career?

I am in 9th grade, and have been taking acting classes my whole life. How could I take that extra step to become an actress? teacher professional...


Caleb H.’s Avatar
Caleb H. Jan 16, 2018 321 views

As a pianist, how much practice time should I put in on pieces for other people vs. My own lesson rep?

I'm a music education freshman and have picked up some accompanying jobs. I'm just wondering, in general, how much time should be spent on those pieces? music music-education piano...


Katrina R.’s Avatar
Katrina R. Jun 18, 2015 1190 views

What majors would I need to take to become an Art Therapist for teens or kids?

Hi I am a freshman in high school and I was wondering what majors for college I would need to take to be an art therapist for teens and kids. I want to go into therapy and I want to know what to do to get there. art majors therapy teenagers...


Samruddhi P.’s Avatar
Samruddhi P. Mar 02 242 views

What can I do to save years in college to become a doctor?

I am a high school student interested in pursuing a career in ophthalmology. I would like to complete my Pre-Med in 2 years, and I want to explore if there are any opportunities to do Med School in 3 years (condense the first 2 years and then rotations). I'm a high school sophomore, so what...

college medicine doctor student pre-med

Taylor S.’s Avatar
Taylor S. Aug 11, 2018 509 views

Do you think college is important to be successful?

I feel that once you get a job you only focus on paying off college....


Samruddhi P.’s Avatar
Samruddhi P. Mar 03 196 views

Can I get hospital volunteer hours virtually?

I want to be an ophthalmologist in the future, and I am currently a high school sophomore (10th grade). I know in pre-med/medical school admissions they ask a lot about what experience you have in the health care field, but I'm not sure how I can do that in the current times (the pandemic). I...

high-school pre-med college experience admissions ophthalmologist

Samruddhi P.’s Avatar
Samruddhi P. Mar 04 166 views

Should I take Honors Organic Chemistry and AP Chemistry together?

I will be going into 11th grade next year, and I'm interested in going into Pre-Med. Here is my schedule for next year: Hon. Pre-Calc w/ Trig AP US History AP English 3 Hon. French IV AP Chemistry String Orchestra (Gym) I have space for 1 elective, so I was wondering if it would be better to...

ap chemistry honors courses sophomore high-school-student organic-chemistry

Crystal C.’s Avatar
Crystal C. Sep 30, 2017 486 views

How long do to call the company?

I am applying to a lot of jobs but I am not sure how long I should wait till I call the company....


Roseanna B.’s Avatar
Roseanna B. Aug 24, 2018 459 views

I am debating on studying abroad. What advise could you give me?

I am not sure if it would be the right decision for me to go....


Jaymes B.’s Avatar
Jaymes B. Jun 01, 2015 774 views

What would be more effective, teaching high school or elemantry school?

I am in high school in 9th grade and I love children. teacher...


Caleb H.’s Avatar
Caleb H. Jan 16, 2018 292 views

As a music education major should I go straight to masters or wait and work with a school?

I am a music education freshman and am considering getting my masters in conducting. I'm wondering if it is worth it to wait before I continue schooling? music music-education #graduate-school-...


Mariah A.’s Avatar
Mariah A. Aug 19, 2018 563 views

What steps do I have to take to become a Nurse Practitioner?

I'm a senior this year, and wanted to figure out what I would have to do to pursue this career nurse-practitioner...


Roseanna B.’s Avatar
Roseanna B. Aug 24, 2018 444 views
Danielle A.’s Avatar
Danielle A. Oct 21, 2016 632 views

How many hours does it take to become a professional surfer?

I like playing in the water sports...


Laniya W.’s Avatar
Laniya W. Jun 19, 2015 3431 views

Is there a degree needed to be a gymnast?

Hi, I'm Laniya and i was interested in starting Gymnastics again. I was wondering if I started to like it more than i expected, if i needed any education to be a gymnast....


Kiera R.’s Avatar
Kiera R. Oct 22, 2016 706 views

What is the average time it takes to complete an M.D. / Ph. D. degree?

I plan on majoring in molecular biology in college on a pre-med track with hopes to go to medical school to get my M.D./Ph. D. I was wondering how long it would take to pursue this degree? college medicine graduate-school research medical-education molecular-biology...


Desiree E.’s Avatar
Desiree E. Sep 01, 2017 431 views

Do you have to teach a subject a specific way or are you allowed to change it?

I've heard that administrations and school boards choose the way you teach a specific topic and I was wondering if there was any room to be more creative with the kids. For example, there are different ways to teach math, but I heard that sometimes you are required to teach it a certain way....

middle-school education teaching

Jaz'zee J.’s Avatar
Jaz'zee J. May 22, 2015 1007 views

what are some good collages to attend for occupational therapy ?

I want to become a occupational therapist because i like helping people and i want to help people to get back to there daily life. I also went on a job shadow and i shadow a lady that was occupational therapy that was help people and she explain what a occupational....


Michael P.’s Avatar
Michael P. Oct 26, 2016 593 views

Is. there a lot of jobs in this field

I wanted to know so I can be able to get a job fast...


Kendall R.’s Avatar
Kendall R. May 26, 2016 641 views

How can I get college assistance and a plan?

I know what I would like to study and pursue, I just have no idea in what the first step to getting there is. college management advice language planning support...


Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Mar 08, 2020 382 views

How do I choose between two careers?

I'm a community college student, who will be transferring soon. I have wanted to make movies ever since I was a small child. It's the only thing I have ever been good at. I make short films in my free time with my friends, I go to the movies twice a week. I analyze the box office, and the...

film law college director cinema movie producer lawyer law-school

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