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Tyler M. Feb 26, 2017 854 views

What is the most important soft skill for someone pursuing a career in sales managing?

My name is Tyler, I am in 12th grade at Pioneer Valley Regional School in Western Massachusetts. In my money managing class we are doing a unit to help widen our range of possible careers to pursue in college. As a result of my research and career quizzes, a potential career that came up for me...

#sales #sales-management #personal-development #business-management

Nicole R.’s Avatar
Nicole R. May 13, 2016 496 views
Marisa K.’s Avatar
Marisa K. Oct 25, 2016 975 views

What are jobs that use physics and statistics?

I love both physics and statistics, and am having trouble choosing which career path to follow. The applied math and logic of the subjects is the part that interests me the most. I am wondering if there are any exciting jobs that involve both subjects. #career-choice #career-path #physics...


tyler M.’s Avatar
tyler M. Oct 28, 2016 1089 views

computer science

What does a day in the life a computer scientist look like? #science...


keshya C.’s Avatar
keshya C. Mar 26, 2018 238 views

how can i meet people in college?

in high school i was very quiet and by myself most of the time. i want my college experience to be different and i also want to have people to go to if i need advice or help with my classes....


Zachariah C.’s Avatar
Zachariah C. Oct 23, 2018 157 views
Madeleine H.’s Avatar
Madeleine H. Aug 31, 2017 289 views

What are some good time management skills. I always seem to get off task.

I always get off task, especially at night when I have to study for a big exam. #finals...


somkid L.’s Avatar
somkid L. Sep 25, 2017 538 views
Jackie S.’s Avatar
Jackie S. May 18, 2016 431 views

Can you raise a family and still be a surgeon?

I've heard that it's difficult to be a mother and still hold down a full time job, is this true?...


elizabeth S.’s Avatar
elizabeth S. Oct 29, 2016 587 views

How hard is medical school?

I've heard that medical school is really hard, is that true? I know it requires work, but how much? #medicine #surgeon #medicine-education...


Maria L.’s Avatar
Maria L. Mar 20, 2018 153 views

Where or how do you start looking for jobs once you've gotten your degree?

I want to be a Dietician and personal trainer, but I always get scared when I think about what should I do after I graduate? Should I got to hospitals? I'm really confused on that part. Could you give us some tips on where to start looking?...


Bridget S.’s Avatar
Bridget S. Feb 22, 2017 675 views

When applying for entry level jobs while still in college/ recent graduate, do employers care about GPA?

I work really hard and have a 4.0 GPA in college as a full time student, some kids that I talk to say that GPA doesn't matter in the real world. I am asking a professional, does a high GPA show for an excellent work ethic and intelligence? #management #resume #interviews #college-jobs #hiring...

#employment #job-application #resume-writing #first-job

Yingyi Z.’s Avatar
Yingyi Z. Apr 01, 2018 470 views

How to become a data scientist?

Hello, I am going to a liberal art college in a fringe town next school year. The school does not have a data science major but I am highly interested in data science. (I will be going to double majors in Computer science and Statistics.) What are some steps should I do to become a data...

#technology #datascience #stemcareers #computer-science #women-in-stem #college-advice

Mitchell H.’s Avatar
Mitchell H. Apr 07 190 views

What is the best way to get into private security.

I am working a base level security job and want to further myself into a very professional environment. #security #private...

Aimee K.’s Avatar
Aimee K. Aug 12, 2018 202 views

How soon should I find an internship in my field ?

I'm waiting until the summer of my junior or senior year to apply for internships so I can continue another job I'm committed to. Will that affect my options later on as I pursue a career in Bio-medical Illustration ? #internships #jobs #...


Rachel B.’s Avatar
Rachel B. Aug 12 148 views

What is residency and can I get a job after medical school

Hi I'm in the sixth grade and I'm very interested in becoming a pediatrician because I love kids #jobs...


Laura H.’s Avatar
Laura H. Mar 27, 2018 334 views

What are the steps i need to take to be the Sports Medicine Doctor?

My dream job would be sports medicine for the green bay packers. I am going into sports medicine. #sports-medicine #sports #medicine...


Aimee K.’s Avatar
Aimee K. Aug 12, 2018 198 views

How soon after university should I apply to grad schools ?

I definitely need to save up and work a few years before going back to school, but does waiting too long affect my eligibility to grad schools ? #art #art history #biology #grad...

Taylor K.’s Avatar
Taylor K. Dec 28, 2018 333 views

Med School

How do I make myself stand out amongst other med school applicants? #doctor #premed #medicine...


Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. May 31, 2018 291 views

Challenges ahead of me as I seek my goal of being a Doctor?

What type of Road Blocks do I face as a minority female entering the Biology/Pre-Medicine fields for college? #biomedical #biology #doctor #physician #medical-field...


Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. May 31, 2018 304 views

What motivated you to continue on with school?

I know I have a long road ahead of me as I start this journey of one day becoming a doctor. For all those Doctors out there. Can you offer some advice on what you did to keep you motivated to stay the course and never give up on yourself even when times got hard. #doctor . #physician....

#college-degree #medicine #healthcare #college

Christina X.’s Avatar
Christina X. Mar 19, 2018 402 views

Should I go into the business career or should I follow my dreams.

My parents always pressure me to aim high and get a good job that pays me well. My dreams are to become an idol, singer, dancer, actress, model (mainly more into the entertainment industry which is really hard to get into). My parents do not agree with my dreams and rather have to go into...

#marketing #goals #celebrity #business #music #modeling #motivation #career #dreams

San D.’s Avatar
San D. Jan 07, 2019 275 views

Affordable online school for accounting degree?

I’m a former college student and now I’m looking to go back to school. I want to complete my bachelors degree on Accounting. But due to my personal situation I can’t attend traditional college. So I’m looking for affordable online school from where I can complete my degree. #accounting...

#college #cpa

Madison H.’s Avatar
Madison H. Aug 26, 2018 312 views

Is transferring colleges a hard thing to do?

Not sure if I feel at home at my school #school...


Taylor K.’s Avatar
Taylor K. Dec 28, 2018 238 views

Career Path

How does one narrow down their career paths in the medical field when they aren't completely sure of their interests? #medicine...


Tulip T.’s Avatar
Tulip T. Aug 23, 2018 212 views

Should I worry about my future work schedule?

I want to be a doctor at a hospital but I’m afraid to go into the health field and work there because I know a doctors work schedule is early in the morning and you have to be on call. #doctor #hospital...


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