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Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Dec 16, 2021 1252 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Jun 24, 2021 311 views

Degree vs Certificate

When comes to getting an education in the field of Cybersecurity, is it better to get a certificate in the field, such as the Comptia security+, or a bachelors degree in Cybersecurity. I want some thoughts on this question and want to know what do you have as your education when you start your...

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Jun 23, 2021 594 views

What is the best path to a cybersecurity?

Receive my associate degrees in computer science this year and looking for a cyber security job in the future. Therefore I want to know the best way to this career path.


Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Jun 01, 2021 716 views

How to deal with poor leadership?

Without giving too much information away, I’m dealing with a boss who isn’t the greatest when it comes to leadership skills. I work online as a scouter for deals, meaning I search online for discounts, and I’m technically an independent contractor. When I first got the job, I asked many...

Nora’s Avatar
Nora Apr 23, 2021 495 views

What are steps that I can take in High School to prepare myself for studying Architecture in College?

I am eager to learn about architecture in College and hope that I will be able to practice it some day. I have taken an online Yale class on Roman Architecture and done other research about the job including meeting with an architect. I would like to know what are some of the best things that I...

Nora’s Avatar
Nora Apr 23, 2021 275 views

What are the most important things to consider when you communicate with clients as an architect?

I am a junior in high school and architecture has captured my attention; I enjoy art, collaboration and math/physics. After doing some research and meeting with architects near me in Minnesota, I have realized the importance of a strong communication ability. I would like to know tips about...

Carys’s Avatar
Carys Jan 24, 2021 642 views

Can flight attendants pick 1 person to travel with and stay together throughout their travels. (Like if i wanted to travel with my best friend)

#travel #traveling #flightattendent #touring

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Aug 12, 2020 364 views

What is residency and can I get a job after medical school

Hi I'm in the sixth grade and I'm very interested in becoming a pediatrician because I love kids #jobs #pediatrician

Nana’s Avatar
Nana May 28, 2020 1078 views

If i take AP computer science as a senior would it be a good first step into becoming a software engineer?

I love working with Technologies and fixing them #technology #computer #computer-engineer #computer-engineering #information-technology

Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Apr 14, 2020 604 views

What is being a copywriter like?

What are the work hours for you? Are you self employed or work for a company? How do you come up with convincing scripts? Do you work in teams or on your own? Do you work remotely or on site? #work #career #marketing #business #advertising #advertisement #copywriting #copywriter #sales #job...

Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Apr 14, 2020 602 views

What is the most important skill a copywriter should have, in your opinion?

#job #copywriting #copywriter #advertising #advertisement #marketing #business #sales #writing #networking #career

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Apr 07, 2020 565 views

What is the best way to get into private security.

I am working a base level security job and want to further myself into a very professional environment. #security #private security

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Mar 09, 2020 467 views

Can I get veterinarian experience at my age?


Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 651 views

When did you know what you really wanted to be?

I think I want to be an engineer but im not completely sure. How will I know if ths job is right for me? #engineer

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 736 views

How much math is really involved in engineering?

I suck at math but all I can imagine myself doing is being an engineer. I want to do enviornmental (which is like civil) #engineering engineering

Jaime’s Avatar
Jaime Oct 30, 2019 350 views

Is drawing necessary for Architecture?

I want to start preparing for my career, is drawing necessary for architecture. If so, how would it be? I want to be prepared and get a head start by learning the basics of drawing now. #architect #architecture

Jaime’s Avatar
Jaime Oct 30, 2019 729 views

Should I follow my passions or go towards following what will help me make a living?

I want to be a photographer or an architect but from what people keep telling me is that they don't make enough money, what should I do, what will truly benefit me? #architect #architecture #photography

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Oct 24, 2019 433 views

What kind of major will lean me towards social media and big corporate companies? I really like social media, communications and graphic design!

#socialmedia #design #art #insta #twitter #vlogging

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Oct 22, 2019 522 views

What can I do with my graphic design minor in a company if I want to work corporate in recruiting?

#career #graphic-design #communications #talentrecruiting

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Oct 21, 2019 447 views

Hi guys! I was thinking about majoring in Communications and minoring in graphic design. I wanted to take classes that I was interested in so I could succeed... but I am not sure if those two are a good combo for a strong foundation in finding a job. What do you think? Tips? Am I overthinking?

#graphic-design #communication #Idontlikemath #Interpersonal #creative #people #noscienceplease&thx

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 03, 2019 293 views

Should I take language classes in high school (Spanish, German, etc.), if I want to go to college to become a professional pilot?

Im in 10th grade and I don’t want to take a language class, but am told that I should if I want to go to college. Should I take the classes to go to aviation college in the U.S.? #college

Deana’s Avatar
Deana Aug 02, 2019 1072 views

What policy jobs can I get without an MPP?

I just finished a summer program in public policy, and discovered that while I love the topic, I'm not a big fan of how it is taught in MPP programs. What kind of jobs in public policy can I get without a degree? If I want to do policy advocacy, should I go ahead and pursue the degree? #policy...

Purna’s Avatar
Purna Apr 25, 2019 209 views

how does astronomers come up with such specific pictures of a galaxy or planet?

Like how are you guys able to make such specific predictions and when actually taking a picture, figuring out it was similar or almost exactly same?
Like the black hole picture for example, recently it was discovered and almost exactly as it was predicted to be.

Candace’s Avatar
Candace Apr 14, 2019 762 views

Who am I? What am I doing here?

I am struggling with my own individual identity and I have so many career questions. I want to be an astronaut but sometimes I just want to be a policeman. No one really knows what they want to do honestly but I think I might just skip college and be an alien. #astronaut #mars #womenintech...

Candace’s Avatar
Candace Apr 13, 2019 529 views

How do I become a data scientist? Should I join Kaggle?

How many people here are on the site because you're doing the Kaggle competition? Curious as to what cities you're from and how your profession was impacted by your college major. #college #college-major #college-major #science #undecided

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 30, 2019 589 views

What does it mean to thrive in college. Is that academically or socially?


Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 30, 2019 456 views

I want to major into communications but I still want to minor in theatre. Will this benefit my future plans at all?

#theatre #major #college

San’s Avatar
San Jan 07, 2019 558 views

Affordable online school for accounting degree?

I’m a former college student and now I’m looking to go back to school. I want to complete my bachelors degree on Accounting. But due to my personal situation I can’t attend traditional college. So I’m looking for affordable online school from where I can complete my degree. #accounting...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Dec 28, 2018 737 views

Med School

How do I make myself stand out amongst other med school applicants? #doctor #premed #medicine #medical-school

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Dec 28, 2018 530 views

Career Path

How does one narrow down their career paths in the medical field when they aren't completely sure of their interests? #medicine #career

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