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Quincy, Florida

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kayla Jan 03 185 views

Preparing for LSAT

What are the best books to get to prepare for the LSAT? What are the best ways to prepare for it?

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kayla Jan 01 175 views

What should I do ?

To become a criminal defense attorney, I am currently studying criminal justice and was studying psych. However, I am dropping psych since they are so closely related. I was advised to do either Business Management, Accounting, or a science. I am awful at math and always have been. What...

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kayla Dec 31, 2022 130 views

What advice would be given ?

I am double majoring in psych and criminal justice. However, in terms of becoming a lawyer, could I with these majors? How hard is it to become a defense attorney? I am exploring my options.

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kayla Dec 31, 2022 158 views

What degrees should I get for a criminal psychologist?

Im struggling with what I want to do but I know I want to do something with criminals and their behavior.

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kayla Dec 31, 2022 114 views

What should I get my masters in?

Right now I am in a joint program for psychology and criminal justice and am having a hard time deciding what path I should get my masters in. I am interested in criminal behavior and want to become a criminal psychologist but i am unsure.

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Cyon Jul 18, 2022 344 views

Consulting Case Question - College Junior

Hi there! My names Cyon and I'm a rising college junior at FAMU. I wanted to ask what resources are available for generating case experience for consulting in the finance area as well as Deals and Mergers and Acquisitions?

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Briana Nov 09, 2020 318 views

Does anyone know of good virtual volunteering opportunities?

Hello, I am 19 years old and getting ready to apply for my schools nursing program and I really need some volunteering on my resume. If anyone knows of any opportinities, that would be great! Thank you. #nursing

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Thomas Mar 08, 2019 404 views

What is it like being a lawyer and what school things do you need to learn

It would be helpful to know subjects and tests and test scores. #lawyer #testing #college-admissions

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Haley Aug 31, 2018 748 views

How to be a leader/manager when you're a shy introvert?

It seems like the only people who succeed are extroverts #career #careers

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Haley Aug 31, 2018 421 views

How do you know that the job you're aiming for is going to satisfy you?

Is any ever sure? #jobs #job

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Matthew Jul 07, 2018 460 views

How do you handle a conflict with a co-worker who has more seniority but is less skilled/less able than you?

There have been times in the workplace where a conflict erupts when I give a suggestion for how a job should be done because I have more experience than a co-worker. But the co-worker snaps back and says he/she has been at the company longer so I have no place to vice my opinion. It's a sticky...

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Matthew Jul 07, 2018 580 views

Are scholarships worth applying to or is it better to work instead?

Currently stuck with applying for scholarships, which is seemingly like a lottery, versus working more hours at my job. #job #scholarships #advice #work #job #financial-aid #paying-for-college #college #finance

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Amelia Apr 20, 2018 586 views

What secondary schools have the best or most acclaimed Technical Theatre Design and Production department

I plan on majoring in that field, I want a school that would grow my education instead of using my education as an excuse for free labor. I have a great standing knowledge on the matter, I want to earn expertise in this field. A school that starts with their student already knowing the basics....

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Amelia Apr 19, 2018 628 views

How does someone land a job on Broadway?

I work in technical theatre and I aspire to one day work on Broadway. After I earn my BFA I want to immediately start working. I want to know who to ask, who to call, who I need to know to land this dream job. I want to first just get a job running a show and prepping for shows and eventually...

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Maya Mar 27, 2018 1160 views

What are the best strategies for finding and securing residency programs for after pharmacy school?

For pharmacy students interested in pursuing a residency program after pharmacy school, it can sometimes be challenging. What are some effective strategies in going about the residency search? #pharmacy #pharmacy-student #pharmacy-residency

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Maya Mar 27, 2018 658 views

What are some key study tips or advice you would forward to first year pharmacy students?

The first year of pharmacy school can be a very exciting, yet scary experience. There is limited time to adjust and it can be difficult to immediately find mentors that are overflowing with tips and help. Overall, what is some general for advice for first year pharmacy students? #pharmacy...

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Summer Jan 23, 2018 460 views

What is residency training?

#therapist #psychology #psychiatry

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Summer Jan 23, 2018 437 views

What do you have to major in specifically to be a child psychiatrist

I want to be a child psychiatrist, but my college (I'm dual enrolled) only offers a general psychology A.S. Degree #psychology #psychiatry #childpsychology

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Sarah Sep 01, 2017 574 views

If I get a job working for a hospital would they pay for the rest of my college?

Say I have my RN and a hospital hires me- would they pay for the rest of my college education to become a Pediatric ARNP? #nursing-education

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Jaylah Sep 01, 2017 1218 views

Will pursuing a double major in criminal justice and Pre-Med help me to become a medical examiner?

I have been told by multiple guidance counselors that double majoring in criminal justice and pre-med would set me up to become a medical examiner but one of my teachers notified me that I would have to pair pre-med with forensics. #premed #forensics #criminal-justice

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Ashton Aug 19, 2016 967 views

What are some real life career paths that I can take if I obtain a degree in Industial Engineering.

I know that Engineering is a very popular and smart investment for my education and just want to know what I can do with this degree once I have it. #airline-industry #industrial-engineering #digital-marketing #numerical-analysis

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Ashton Aug 19, 2016 883 views

What are som possible careers behind the scenes in professional sports that I can explore?

My ultimate dream is to play in the NBA or NFL as I play both in high school and work really hard at both. I understand the probability of this happening so I want to explore some Plan B options still around the thing I LOVE...SPORTS!!!!!!!! #sports-journalism #sports-media

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Robbie Aug 17, 2016 823 views

How hard is it to find a job in professional baseball, specifically a position where i can advance to a higher up position in the front office.

I'm a junior in high school, and i live and breath baseball; I'm interested in majoring in sports management and I'm curious about the difficulty to land a job in the field. #sports-management #baseball #scouting #mlb

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Robbie Aug 17, 2016 3110 views

What is the best way to secure an internship, or scouting job, with an MLB team out of college?

I'm interested in working in scouting, and eventually doing higher up front office work for MLB teams. #professional #baseball #scouting #mlb #scout

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Amir May 26, 2016 645 views

How versitile is a computer science degree?

I am looking into going into either electrical engineering or computer science and I was wonder which degree would help as I would like to be a sound engineer. Entry into the field is possible with both but which is better? #college #engineer #computer #college-minor #sound-mixing

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Amir May 26, 2016 1330 views

Are niche degrees a good idea?

Should someone major in say computer science over game programming even if the main goal is to be a game programmer? #college #engineer #computer #jobs

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Mary May 15, 2016 693 views

What jobs are available for those who major in Humanities

My favorite class in school is Humanities. Are there any jobs in this field other than teaching? #college #career #career-counseling #higher-education

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Mary May 15, 2016 643 views

What career are available for an archaeologist?

I'm fascinated by archaeology but wonder if there really are jobs after graduation. #in #archeology #graduated

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