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Spurthi G.’s Avatar
Spurthi G. Apr 21, 2019 1654 views

Can i take up my career in Badminton as i am 19 years old now


rajendra D.’s Avatar
rajendra D. Apr 29, 2016 809 views

How do we improve our studies in the college?

Because nowadays students are more interested in playing games so what new method should be applied to improve your our study #college #college-bound #college-advice #college- #studying-tips #study-skills

mounesh M.’s Avatar
mounesh M. Aug 04, 2016 587 views

what subject i want to take for doctor

about my career #any #professional

bhoomika K.’s Avatar
bhoomika K. May 20, 2016 874 views

i am totally confused about which stream to take up in 12th.

I want to become a lawyer.i am interested in studying social science.I want to take up arts.But many advice me to take up science due to more career options. #science #law #lawyer #social #female-lawyer

Gunal T.’s Avatar
Gunal T. May 18, 2016 879 views

Is moving as an actor as my career will be good?or engineering would b perfect?

Im confusd with my career and want to choose the ri8 One as my career #film-acting #software-engineer

Surya S.’s Avatar
Surya S. May 18, 2016 785 views

To become a sports man how much we should read?

I'm interested in being an expert in sports. What publications should I read to keep up to date on everything happening in the sports world? #college #sports #educators #person #athletics #news #career

Samyukta S.’s Avatar
Samyukta S. Jun 17, 2020 418 views

What's after 12th??

>middle class family
>biggest dream-- getting into harvard med school
can someone tell me what i should do after 12th???
#doctor #medical

shetrunga B.’s Avatar
shetrunga B. Aug 19, 2016 696 views

which course is best to take for doctor?please help my career

about doctor #any #professional

suma R.’s Avatar
suma R. May 18, 2016 3760 views

I want to be a Kabbadi player ..what should I do?

my name is sumabai
i am std 10th
I have a physical fitness
I m mentally ficse to win #sports #educated #athletics #athlete #fitness

Naresh N.’s Avatar
Naresh N. May 03, 2016 651 views

how do i become movie editor

I have completed SSLC #engineer #multimedia #technical-drawing

bande N.’s Avatar
bande N. May 03, 2016 665 views


I like to become mechnical engineer and i want to be a innovator #technical

Kruthi P.’s Avatar
Kruthi P. May 26, 2016 780 views

which course should i take up want to become a journalist?

i love news so i want to become a journalist #sports-journalism #journalist #science-journalism #journal

S N.’s Avatar
S N. May 20, 2016 591 views

How to become a scientist ?

I have an ambitions to become a to become a scientist in biology and what course to choose after 2nd puc? #doctor #engineering #any #scientist

Ritvik P.’s Avatar
Ritvik P. Jun 19, 2020 751 views

What careers and jobs are available for me if i am interested in mathematics?

#engineering #math #career-path

harshitha N.’s Avatar
harshitha N. May 07, 2016 1272 views

what are the additional skills required to do CA ?

i am studying 2nd PUC, i am interested in accounts, Maths & statistics so i wanted to do CA.
what are the additional skills required. #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #banking #statistics #business-law #income-statement