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joshua Jan 24 67 views

Is being social a essential part of working as a Electrical Engineer ?

How important is communication when working with others in this field?

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Dania Dec 02, 2021 479 views

how do i know if biomedical engineering is good for me?

I like biology, technology, learning about the human body, saving lives, and research. I don't like math but I can tolerate it a little bit. hopefully one day i will choose a major that includes all of my interests. #biology #engineering #science #biomedicalengineering #stem #research #career...

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Dec 02, 2021 286 views

Why did you choose that career?

Hi my name is Carlos Gamon im 17 years old and i enjoy watching football playing video games but most liked things are cars i like tampering with cars every chance i get i like to just stare at the engine of a car and study it. #engineer #career

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Miracle Nov 10, 2021 393 views

What career in biomedical engineering can you work with patients?

#engineering #engineer #rehabilitation engineering #biomedical #biomedical-engineering

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Khamoni Jul 29, 2021 234 views

I would like to know the first step to being an engineer

I want to be an # #engineer.

Ankitha’s Avatar
Ankitha Jun 30, 2021 308 views

what are the courses and education do you need for becoming an interior designer?

what are the courses and education required?
in India #interior-design #art #education

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jun 27, 2021 392 views

What is the hardest thing a architect faces

I'm interested in becoming an architect but I would like to know the hardest part of it to see how what struggles architects face #architect #architecture

Faizina’s Avatar
Faizina Jun 15, 2021 329 views

What does the future of architecture look like?

I graduated high school and finished my first year of college during the pandemic. I would like to know how the study of architecture is like in the field, in the United States, and on global terms as well.
#architecture #college #architect #career-counseling

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 04, 2021 446 views

Electrical engineering is my career goal?

I decided on this ever since, now I want to go forward with it. Where should I begin? #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer

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Hamza Jun 30, 2021 330 views

Whats my career goal?

I am a junior from High school and I recently took physics and fell in love with the class even though the material wasn't easy but the class just fascinated me and my favorite subject is math, so I'm thinking about becoming and aerospace engineer #engineer #mechanical-engineering #math #college

Yamilca’s Avatar
Yamilca Jun 30, 2021 548 views

How can I become a civil engineer?

I am in high school just passed to 10th grade. I love science and math. #engineer #civil-engineering

lydia’s Avatar
lydia Mar 18, 2021 313 views

When did you know you wanted to be an engineer?

#degree #engineer

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Feb 26, 2021 282 views

What sort of knowledge must someone have before entering the field of architecture?

#career #architect #career-path