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Hannah Boylen

Full-time Litigation Paralegal, Part-time law student
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Akron, Ohio
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Karen Feb 28, 2023 396 views

Help with Jobs?

Do you find jobs in your area after you graduate or before you do and how do you find jobs in your area that need help.

Nolyn’s Avatar
Nolyn Feb 08, 2023 781 views

Coding in computer science

How much coding is used in computer science? because I know that I would like to go into computer science/maybe computer repair, but I don't know how interested I am in coding.

Jun Yu’s Avatar
Jun Yu Feb 01, 2023 2109 views

What are the most important things to prioritize in high school?

What can you focus on?

Shani’s Avatar
Shani Jan 30, 2023 305 views

Steps to become a neurologist.

Hello my name is shani and i am in senior high school in australia. I want to become a neurologist and was wondering what steps i need to take in order to become a neurologist.

camila’s Avatar
camila Dec 07, 2022 463 views

Did you do any jobs during college and university related to your career?

question for lawyers

Talise’s Avatar
Talise Jan 23, 2023 412 views

In the life of a Registered Nurse what goes on behind closed doors, and how do you manage to get over the obstacles?

I'm barely starting school, but I'm so curious on what happens behind closed doors. For example how do manage to get through the tough times, and what do you do that helps you.

Kemi Christianah’s Avatar
Kemi Christianah Jan 20, 2023 715 views

Hcan i get rid of fear in order to develop my career ?

How can I get rid of fear to develop my career?

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Jan 18, 2023 1397 views

How did you know what job would make you happy?

I have been considering many paths to go down education-wise, but am unsure of where I should start and what would be the most fulfilling.

Graciela’s Avatar
Graciela Dec 03, 2022 509 views

Prosecution Lawyer/Lawyers questions?

Prosecution lawyers/ lawyers I have a couple of questions for that career. What skills prepared you for this job? What were the steps that you took in order to get to that job? What made you stand out above other applicants? It would also be appreciated if you can leave your name, your job...

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Jan 17, 2023 1537 views

Can I apply to tech internships in my freshman year?

I am finally a freshman studying for a degree in tech "BS in Information Systems". I am not too technical nor have good programming skills but I want to try and gain experience in how and what the tech industry looks and works through internships. My portfolio and resume focus more on digital...

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 17, 2022 455 views

What are some good internships I should look at in high school?

What would anybody say is the best thing or club or activities to look into when in High school.