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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
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David’s Avatar
David Jan 09 817 views

How do I figure out what I truly want to do ?

I have been struggling for a while unsure what career path I want to follow. Some times would tell myself would like to be nurse but then over think I don’t why I keep on doing that .

Fake’s Avatar
Fake Dec 20, 2023 382 views

What job recommendations do you have?

Something you enjoy to do or have a really strong talent for, and when you find that

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Dec 04, 2023 510 views

Do you need specific degrees to be in the military if so what are they?

I want to be in the military and I want to know how

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Dec 02, 2023 1021 views

How do I go about choosing the right job in the military?

I have a 70 on my ASVAB, but I’ve always wanted to try for the infantry, everybody is urging me not to, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything but a combat job. I also don’t know if the airforce would suit me better. I need advice. How do I go about choosing the right job for me? Or what...

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Nov 21, 2023 334 views

How are you helping yourself accomplish the goals that you lay down?

here are some things to consider: - What's your skillset? - What is your education in correlation to your goals? - What are the requirements for your goals? - How are you helping yourself meet those requirements? - How will you measure success? - What are the milestones toward meeting your...

Mina’s Avatar
Mina Jun 17, 2023 396 views

What should I do to be successful in my job?

Hello, have a good time.
Excuse me, I wanted to ask what should I do to be successful in my job?

Amaia’s Avatar
Amaia Jun 10, 2023 324 views

Should I go to college right after high school or not?

Is it a good idea to go to college right after high school or would it be a waste of money?

Kuljit’s Avatar
Kuljit Jun 09, 2023 350 views

What is a good pathway in order to get into a cybersecurity pathway?

I will be entering my freshman year at UC Berkeley this fall and am earning a GIAC certification over the summer. My dream has always been to enter cybersecurity and I want to learn how to effectively join the community as a changemaker.

Jay’s Avatar
Jay May 28, 2023 280 views

How do I be successfully when I'm being pressured?

Don't really wanna go to college but I have to

Laksha’s Avatar
Laksha May 22, 2023 641 views

My career path in college

How can I maintain my grades in high school, and how can I decide what I want to major in?How do I understand what I am passionate it, and how can I execute a plan to understand my career path?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 21, 2023 389 views

How can I find a good career pathway?

I need to find a good career pathway for my first job.

Rosselin’s Avatar
Rosselin May 09, 2023 1464 views

What's the best career paths for people who are soft spoken?

I have a hard time talking loud enough but I'm good at listening it's my strongest point.

aiden’s Avatar
aiden May 09, 2023 320 views

How do people find the job they want to do in the future?

How do people find the job they want to do in the future? I am going to gradute from highschool soon but still have no idea what job or field I want to go into.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri May 02, 2023 412 views

What are some advices before going to college?

I'm a senior high school, I'm about to graduate. I want to know what I have to expect and what are some tips I need to know.

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Apr 23, 2023 1188 views

What can I do with a public administration major?

I’m planning on majoring in public Administration to become involved in the government does this major help with become a police officer and advancing my career?