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Dayana’s Avatar
Dayana Jun 24, 2023 478 views

How to become sure and stable with a career choice?

I am torn when it comes to what I want to choose career wise. I am going to a collegiate high school and I should choose now what to major in.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Mar 22, 2023 855 views

What kind of job field should I pursue if I like to build things and like technology?

12 grade
Like building Lego
Like star wars
Like video games

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22, 2023 605 views

How do you maintain your mental health if you have a high-pressure/stressful career?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Oct 27, 2022 695 views

When would be a good time to start looking into careers?

I'm a junior right now and I don't know what career I want.

Jules’s Avatar
Jules Mar 21, 2023 699 views

How did you find the career that was right for you?

how did you decide what interested you most, in order to help pick your career?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Mar 17, 2023 426 views

Options with a BA in Japanese?

What are my options with a BA in Japanese? I’m a senior in university, graduating very soon with a BA in Japanese. There are career paths such as interpreters, translators, and teachers, but I want to know if there are more careers for those like me who have no idea what to do with their degree.

Guadalupe’s Avatar
Guadalupe Mar 17, 2023 675 views

Any jobs/ interships that are related to forensic/criminology ?

I am currently studying justice studies with a concentration in criminology and a minor in forensic studies. I will be graduating next year and I have no idea what jobs are out there that are related to it?

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Mar 18, 2023 507 views

Is there an option of being a microbiologist without working in the clinical area?

I have a bachelor's degree in agronomy, but my biggest dream is to become a microbiologist. The issue is that I wouldn´t say I like the hospital environment or being around clinical samples. So, my doubt is there other areas of microbiology that I can study and work on without being in the...

Aishat’s Avatar
Aishat Mar 18, 2023 398 views

#CV23How do I get a freelancer?

I graduated from the university last year October and ever since then have been looking at working as a freelancer but I could not get any, I would really appreciate if I can get a guidance on that please.

Suzanna’s Avatar
Suzanna Mar 19, 2023 1062 views

How can I be sure that I want to pursue a career in the medical field or something related to that as a current sophomore high school student?

I have an interest in sciences like biology and psychology and math is one of my favorite subjects, but I'm not sure if I want to go with this as my future path.

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Mar 07, 2023 752 views

How do you figure out what you want to be (career and major)?

I am a junior in high school and am having trouble figuring out and deciding what to major in. Part of me wants to explore fields that would help me become a behavioral analyst for crimes and another part of me wants to just take an easier route in being a business major. Probably marketing or...

Calista’s Avatar
Calista Mar 06, 2023 1224 views

is college worth it or stupid?

should I go to college?

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Sep 04, 2018 670 views

Is it better to go to college for criminal justice for a cop or not?

#law #criminal-justice #college #police

aries’s Avatar
aries Feb 27, 2023 304 views

What values do companies look for in a person that they are hiring as a Correctional Officer?

I am interested in becoming a correctional officer in the future and was wondering how I can become a strong candidate.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Feb 22, 2023 685 views

What to look for in a college...

How do I know what colleges to look at if I do not know what I want to major in? What should I look for in a college to know if it is right for me?