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Yve Feb 21, 2023 437 views

What should I do when I'm having second thoughts with the course I'm taking? I don't know what to do.

I'm a first year nursing student and I'm having a second thought with my course. During the pandemic I really got interested in psychology and even tried to apply in a school and passed. I also tried to apply in bs nursing in another school and I've passed. And chose to take bs nursing coz I...

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Feb 17, 2023 582 views

What is an essential thing to consider before choosing a career path?

As an upcoming senior, I'm still unsure of what to pursue so having an idea would get me brainstorming at least.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Feb 17, 2023 1146 views

Was your major related to your profession now?

Looking for different paths that people took

Melody’s Avatar
Melody Feb 17, 2023 767 views

How do I know if Mechanical Engineering is the right career for me?

I am currently interested in pursuing the field of engineering in college, specifically mechanical engineering, but I am still uncertain. How do I know if it's the right career for me, and would it be too late to change my major later on?

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Feb 16, 2023 424 views

What should I consider when choosing college And what should I consider when choosing college major??

I'm a senior and I really want to attend college, I'm the first one in my family to attend college and I'm struggling choosing college and a major. I'm scared!

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Feb 15, 2023 336 views

What are some good extracurricular activities I could do as a junior in high school?

In my past years of high school I haven't really done anything other than academics and I want to get involved to help me get accepted into better colleges. I already volunteer, attend school clubs, go to mentorship and college prep programs, and plan to do track in my senior year. What else...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Feb 13, 2023 685 views

What should I major in for college?

I am a Senior in High School and I am still unsure on what I should major in.

Jianahao’s Avatar
Jianahao Feb 14, 2023 743 views

How am I going to get more experience in the career?

Go research and find internship about this career then choose rather you want to put more work in it.

caden’s Avatar
caden Feb 08, 2023 632 views

What is required for Civil Engineering?

How hard is it to get into civil engineering? What parts of it should I try? How many years in college will it take to get there?

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 09, 2023 405 views

why I wanna become a mechanical engineers I think it would be fun learning how things are put together and make a professional career out of it ?

how do you find the best schooling for engineers.

Johnathon’s Avatar
Johnathon Feb 02, 2023 791 views

what is the hardest part of engineering

what is the hardest part of engineering

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 06, 2023 441 views

How can I relax my social anxiety?

I have really bad social anxiety and when I want to do something with my family or go somewhere with them, my social anxiety gets in the way.

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Feb 02, 2023 466 views

computer engineers /builders

what were some of your main struggles what was one time you wanted to quit but did and what made you stay

Lens’s Avatar
Lens Feb 03, 2023 1013 views

How do I prepare to get a job after college?

What are some good jobs after college, and how to apply for some?

Leeton’s Avatar
Leeton Feb 04, 2023 767 views

Would you be willing to participate in a survey about work-from-home workspaces and its impact on job satisfaction?

Hey, I'm a high school student conducting a research project on how your remote workspace impacts your job satisfaction. If you work from home could you complete this survey, it takes about 5 minutes. Thanks in advance!