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Aleigha Jun 21, 2023 304 views

What do the biggest part of criminal justice I should focus on?

What are some things that I should know about criminal justice

Daymine’s Avatar
Daymine Jun 21, 2023 626 views

What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

I am a rising Junior with an interest in Business and Technology. I major in Business Analytics with a minor in Computer Science. What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Jun 21, 2023 325 views

How can I get scholarships in college

Hi, my name is Addison and I am about to be a freshman in high school. I am wondering what I can do to help myself towards getting a scholarship in college

Everardo’s Avatar
Everardo Jun 21, 2023 1502 views

What is the different software Administrative Assistants use?

On the job is an Administrative assistant's software made by Google. I have used Google Docs in the past.

Kamareoun’s Avatar
Kamareoun Jun 21, 2023 609 views

What training do I need to become an Electrician?

I'm a Job Corps student that wants to become an Electrician

Tobey’s Avatar
Tobey Jun 21, 2023 275 views

What types of nurses are there and what qualifications are needed for each of them?

I'm going into nursing and I don't know which one allows me to work for firefighting or someone who is a doctor in such. I also want to know my options for what I can become in the medical field.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Jun 21, 2023 689 views

What is a typical day in the life of a Physicist?

Is there any tasks/quotas that have to be met by the end of the day? If you have any answers/advice for me, Anything is welcome. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Jun 14, 2023 265 views

How to become a good communication designer? Id it difficult? What I should know before to become one?

I'm a future student at FIT and I got accepted. I will study in double-major and I'm confused about communication design. What do I suppose to do in case to become a good communication designer? And what are the profits of it if I want to open my design business?

Laa’s Avatar
Laa Jun 15, 2023 402 views

When did you decide the career path you wanted?

When did you decide the career path you wanted?

Beni’s Avatar
Beni Jun 20, 2023 232 views

I was wondering if there are any tips for balancing my regular life and school ?

Hey there, I’m still in high school but in the next year I will be a rising college freshman! I’m looking into IT, or Architecture. But going to college feels stressful to me.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Jun 19, 2023 259 views

How do you start an online buisness?

Hello my name is Derek and I am wondering how can I use my knowledge and what I am good at to start selling products online. And even maybe make some extra cash.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jun 20, 2023 353 views

How can I tell if what I’m currently doing in high school will lead to success in my future?

I’m a tenth grade interested in writing and documentary film making.

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra May 27, 2023 296 views

What should I choose after High school?

I'm entering 11th grade and I need to start exploring career paths but I'm interested in many fields and I'm confused.

chloe’s Avatar
chloe Jun 17, 2023 588 views

What can i do to stay motivated ?

what can i do to stay motivated and stay on track while juggling multiple tasks, both in and out of my educational field? I worry i’ll loose track and fall behind the curve…..

Justice’s Avatar
Justice Jun 17, 2023 324 views

How can I get started on my career path?

How can I get started on my career path