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allaya Oct 11, 2023 882 views

what extracurriculars can i do if im interested in psychology and economics?

that are actually good

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allaya Oct 08, 2023 559 views

what should i do in each grade in high school to better my chances of getting into top colleges?

like what should i do in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade?? pls give me a detailed guide :)

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allaya Sep 30, 2023 844 views

should i double major or get a dual degree in economics and psychology?

what all careers opportunities will i have? and can i get my master’s in psychology if i double majored in econ and psych?

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allaya Jul 29, 2023 640 views

how many safety, target, and reach schools should someone apply to?

the title says it all so yeah

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allaya Jul 27, 2023 505 views

what types of ecs should i do if i wanna study business in college?

hi, im allaya, a high school freshman and im planning on getting an undergrad in economics and then an mba. what are the ecs or things i should do throughout high school to get into a good college?

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allaya Jul 27, 2023 1004 views

is getting an undergraduate in economics and then an mba, a good choice?

and what are the job prospects and the types of jobs i can get?

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allaya Jun 22, 2023 673 views

is studying business worth it?

im thinking of studying business, though there are many majors like finance, accounting, marketing, economics, business administration etc. and im super confused as to what to choose, and if it’s a good idea to study business or not, and if it’s a good idea, then is there any other subject...

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allaya Jun 21, 2023 1730 views

what should i study psychology or computer science?

im really into psychology and i plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in it and then do law but i also like computer science (kinda scared of the math part tho) and i wanna major in it. but i’ve taken economics and dropped off math completely and since most colleges require you to study math for...