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Busani Jan 14 822 views

What should I study: Photography or Filmmaking? Please help. Thank you.

I'm a 28 years old young man who recently graduated from a local university with a B.Sc Hons Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. I have always been passionate about photography and filming. I want to study either one of these two probably in the next coming year of 2025. Should I...

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Joseph Jan 18 578 views

Hi, I am in a CTE high school, and I am currently a freshman. I am in the Robotics program in my school, but I have a strong interest in Medicine, and going into the medical field. Although I am not in the medical program in my school (too much people), do I still have a chance of potentially going into the medical field?

My grades are good, I am taking advanced classes as a freshman that normally a sophomore or junior would take, (Algebra 2 and Chemistry). I enjoy both and am doing pretty good in them.

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Heaven Jan 17 1034 views

Which University would be best for learning psychiatry?

I'm looking into being a Psychiatrist and was hoping for recommendations on where to go for higher education.

River’s Avatar
River Aug 10, 2023 419 views

Major and minor in different subjects?

Is it possible to major in biology and minor in musical theater at a college that offers both of these classes? I really want to go into the medical field but I've been doing musical theater for 7 years and want to keep doing it during college. im even open to considering musical theater as a...

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Ashley Jan 31, 2022 1425 views

What's the best way to become fluent in a foreign language?

I've been studying several East Asian languages and so far, I've tried taking formal classes and online courses, self-teaching through textbooks, and using spaced repetition. I've also heard that immersion is a good way to learn, so I've been trying to implement more of that into my routine as...

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jonathan Aug 02, 2023 599 views

what kind of degrees do you need to be an FBI agent. and do you need money to accomplish that? and how what the payment rang from lowest to highest

I'm currently a student at job corps Sanjose I'm studying in sacerity but I'm not sure if I need to continue to collage or began in FBI academy

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Minta Aug 03, 2023 381 views

How do I get into a college that is beneficial for me?

I want to go to a college that is academically exceptional of course, but I also want to make sure to focus on my mental health. How can I look for and find colleges that align with my needs for good self help resources and good education?

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osmin Jul 28, 2023 235 views

What majors are popular? What departments or programs have the best reputations? What textbooks are required for the course?

Is it hard to make it to college or is just easy if you want it to be easy? I'm currently a middle-schooler I don't think I'm gonna make it to college because of financial problems.

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lea Aug 02, 2023 181 views

How can you make your essay convincing for college?

I know I have a strong skill I writing, however, I want it to be convincing and touching for the college reader. I want them to feel like they have talked to me in person instead of reading an essay.

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presley Aug 02, 2023 656 views

how do i write a college admissions essay?

How do I decide what to write a college admissions essay about? everyone that i've read has been so philosophical and i just don't know where to start.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Aug 02, 2023 220 views

What was your college experience like? Anything you would suggest for new college members?

I always been curious about what college life is like. I heard about all the parties, the roommates, and especially the work. How is it really though? Is it draining and stressful? I'm currently not close to going to college but I've looked into some and I'm very interested to hear from people...

prerana’s Avatar
prerana Aug 01, 2023 1137 views

How do I know what field/line of work is for me?

I’m a rising junior this year and have been worried about my future more and more lately, and need some kind of guidance regarding career planning, so if anyone has any tips I’m all ears!! Thank you :D

Raven’s Avatar
Raven Jul 29, 2023 330 views

Why college and not starting your business ?

Why is college important for business? What college is best for my career?
Go to college for business or entrepreneurship?
What class do I take in college for business?

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Jul 27, 2023 293 views

What are good ways to get into college for an art degree ?

since I’m going for a art degree I’m a sophomore and I’m getting worried about what are good ways

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Kayla Jul 26, 2023 439 views

How do I start a graphic design business?

I’m 14 going to high-school and I want to make some extra cash whilst sharpening my skills. I also really want to earn (at least) my bachelors in graphic design and hope to get my AA in high-school through dual enrollment