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Reyaa Sep 05, 2023 304 views

How can we secure a shadow or research opportunity when it isn't openly available?

I mostly need help securing ones related to the field of business and engineering.

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Reyaa Sep 03, 2023 248 views

Are there any good engineering or business related remote/hybrid internships out there, it's tough finding one for highschoolers?

I've used LinkedIn but there seems to not be much out there big or small companies work as long as they accept sophomore highschoolers, and it's remote!

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Reyaa Sep 03, 2023 443 views

What are a few things that will help increase the chances of being accepted into an ivy league?

My dream school is Princeton and I've been working to get internships and other experiences to potentially get a good spike, and also taking classes related to the majors engineering and business, what are your thoughts?