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Jeryana yesterday 169 views

#spring23 In forensics, how do you know when to look into something or when to leave it alone or how to gage its significance?

I love forensics and I always get caught up in the details that don't really have significance in the case, but I'm not sure how to tell if a detail is significant in that particular matter.

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Anthony 10 hours ago 170 views

to become a First-line supervisor of police & detectives is it true that you don't need a higher education than your high school diploma ?

I am very interested but don't wanna waste time on something I can pursue.

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stephanie Apr 28 327 views

What should I do to get to my end goal?

My end goal is to become a criminal behavior analyst or a Criminal Investigator. I currently am in school earning a bachelor’s in Criminology and Behavioral Healthcare. With an Associates in Criminal Justice already. I was wondering if getting a job as a CPI ( child protective investigations...

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Logan Apr 29 299 views

Did college help prepare you for your career ?

I'm a student going into college next year with an undecided career, and a criminal Justice major, and I want to know if college helped make a career choice.

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Jocelyn Apr 29 225 views

What are good internships for biology or criminal justice ?

Ive always been interested in a job like criminal justice or marine biology and im interested in getting a good idea of what I would be doing. Ive always been interested in biology and criminal justice sounds like a good, fit job for me.

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Brady Apr 29 228 views

HOW much does a police officer make?

How much does a police officer get on average for a income and what education do you have to have to be a police officer is the need for police officers declining or acceding

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Brady Apr 29 374 views

What are the skills needed to be a police officer?

FOR a paper

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Kylie Mar 27 325 views

What are most of the careers I can become with a bachelor's degree in Criminology?

Hello, My name is Kylie. I am a senior high school student looking into this for a while. I am trying to become a Forensic anthropologist or a Forensic investigator and there are many things I can do instead of a bachelor's degree in Biology.

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Abigial Mar 29 391 views

I love criminal justice and learning about criminal offenses. I want to pursue it as a career but I also want to be in a business environment.

Investigation has piqued my interest and I have looked at a Human Rights Investigator as well.

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chelsea Apr 27 391 views

what is the best collge?

college tips

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Opeyemi Apr 27 359 views

How do I explore colleges with my major?

How do I explore colleges with my major? I’m not entirely sure what I wish to major in, however am thinking of political science. Where and how should I look for educational opportunities? I am currently a sophomore in high school.

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Adrian Apr 26 212 views

Where would I look for internships?

I want to apply for internships preferably paid but I don't know how to do that.

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Jamaica Apr 28 407 views

How to earn money for 13 year old?

I have to say thank you for guiding me to help

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Amparo Apr 27 177 views

Do You Guys Know Any Jobs Places That Are Hiring For People For Inventory?

The reason I'm asking that is because I'm really good at doing inventory a my jobsite and I was wondering if you guys know any job places that need hiring for inventory

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Tanya Jun 30, 2023 1149 views

Is it really possible to get hired as a full-time corrections officer with no high school diploma or work experience of any kind?

Is this really an option for a full-time position with benefits?