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Anina Apr 28, 2016 1117 views

What are the most valuable skills I can learn on my own without college?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. As many of my friends gripe about the cost of college tuition, they suggest getting skills that aren't taught at a college and getting a career that doesn't involve an expensive degree and four years of your life....

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Nov 07, 2013 2997 views

What is the path to becoming a high school guidance counselor?

I'm interested in working in education, and I want to know how much schooling I need to become a guidance counselor. #education #counseling

Kenyan’s Avatar
Kenyan Feb 02, 2016 2642 views

is being a lawyer hard work ?

wanna know does it takes time to actually start your career . #college #law #lawyers

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Feb 02, 2016 2606 views

How do I answer questions on

Hi my name is Mason and I want to know how old I have to be and how to be able to answer questions and help other people? #job #people

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Dec 01, 2015 2378 views

What kind of duties and stuff does a criminal profiler need?

I'm doing a career project in class and I'm having a hard time finding any answers #psychology #technology #criminal-justice

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Nov 21, 2015 1562 views

Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

I have a passion for designing buildings (chose how the everything will be) and a passion for being a technology engineer. Is there a way to do both at the same time? #architecture

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Dec 05, 2014 1763 views

Is taking a language beneficial when I want to be a special education teacher?

Hello I am Casey Gaffney, a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. I am specifically interested in Special Education. I want to focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. I was wondering whether or not I should take a minor in a language in...

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Aug 03, 2015 4020 views

What careers could could I branch off into if I plan to major in psychology?

I'm asking because I plan on studying psychology and I don't really know what there is in the field besides becoming a therapist and counselor. There's got to be many more careers to branch off into if I study psychology. #psychology #therapy #counseling #mental-health

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 03, 2015 2072 views

What are the steps I should take to pursue a career in counseling?

I am a 2nd year Psychology major student. I'm looking to go into a counseling career, such as career counseling or student counseling. I'm wondering what steps I should take to pursue this type of career. For example, what classes I should take in college, what I should minor in, and types of...

Garrett’s Avatar
Garrett Nov 06, 2015 1028 views

what would be a good college for being a coach?

I wanted to know how long you would be in college if you wanted to be a coach also what would be a god college if you could give me information that would be great thank you. #coach

Mayra’s Avatar
Mayra May 28, 2015 3778 views

what jobs can i get if i major in child development?

i am a high school student that likes how the mind works and enjoys teaching/playing with kids. #career #college-major #jobs #children #special-education #child-development

Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Nov 11, 2015 8035 views

What classes should I take in high school to become a marine biologist and eventually work for a nonprofit organization like Project Aware?

This question was asked by a student in Santa Cruz, California who wants to begin taking classes in high school to prepare for a marine biology degree and eventually a career in the marine sciences industry. Her goal is to play a role in the ocean conservation efforts of the Monterey Bay....

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Nov 03, 2015 2159 views

How can I become a pro baseball player?

I love baseball i play spring and fall, my name is Peyton #sports #professional-sports #baseball

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 11, 2015 3650 views

what are some things that the world have a lack of.

I want to do something to help the world #entrepreneur

Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Nov 11, 2015 9083 views

What is The Common Application and what are some advantages and disadvantages of using it to apply to college?

This question was asked by Derek from Oklahoma. He's a sophomore in high school who wants to go to college, so he's beginning his research to better understand his options and how to apply. #university #higher-education #admissions-counseling