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Clanton, Alabama

Within 40 mile radius
Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney May 10, 2018 703 views

What advice would you give someone thats been out of school for ten years?

Do you think its a good idea for someone to wait so many years to return to college?

christopher’s Avatar
christopher May 10, 2018 4061 views

what kind of programming language would you recommend for a computer engineer thats also a freshmen in high school?

were are doing a project at school about our carrier #technology #computer-science #software-engineering #computer-engineering #programming #software-development #computer-programming #python #java #C #javascript

Brylane’s Avatar
Brylane Apr 18, 2018 916 views

Getting married in college: yes or no?

I think it would be super cool and nice to have a supportive, permanent study partner, but I'd like to hear from someone actually doing it. #marriage #college #married-in-college

Brylane’s Avatar
Brylane Apr 18, 2018 591 views

What are the chances of getting a degree in one thing at one school, and majoring at something completely different at another school?

I really want to be a computer animator but can't exactly afford the money to pay for a prestigious art school. My second interest is psychology, and I was wondering if I got a degree in psychology, how easy it would be to get accepted and graduate with a computer animation degree from the art...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 11, 2018 910 views

what kind of job would be good with kids

#jobs #children #working-with-children

Kayde’s Avatar
Kayde Apr 10, 2018 655 views

How tough is it to get a college degree in psycology?

If I don't go into racing school, I plan on going to college for psycology because I've always been interested with how other people think and I think that if I could understand it more through college, it could help with my future racing career. #strategic-thinking #mind

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Apr 09, 2018 555 views

what is require to be a mechanic for Alabama power

I been doing mechanic work all my life
#Alabama power

Calissa’s Avatar
Calissa Apr 09, 2018 600 views

what do labor delivery nurses mostly do?

i would like to know more about the things they have to deal with and what they do for their career. #labor-and-delivery

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie Apr 09, 2018 563 views

What do you have to learn to be a home health aide?

I want to know everything I am gonna have to about helping elders, kids, and even middle age. I want to know the things I will have to learn so I can be prepared.
#medicine #health-aide #qualifications

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 09, 2018 681 views

I want to become a general surgeon, would I operate on children? Or would the Pediatric surgeon?

I'm asking this question to get more background knowledge on the patients of a general surgeon. #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medicine #pediatrics #pediatrician #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 09, 2018 695 views

How often do they hire new forensic scientist?

I want to know how many they hire to know if I actually might have a chance to be hired in the future.

#forensic #forensics #police #law-enforcement #science #csi #forensic-science

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 09, 2018 732 views

Are hours as a general surgeon too long?

I would like to be a general surgeon when I finish college. I would also like to have a family and I'm wondering if I would still have time to spend with them, or if the job would be too much. #generalsurgery #surgery #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #surgeon #hours

kody’s Avatar
kody Apr 09, 2018 1697 views

what is required to work as a lineman for alabama power

#alabama-power #lineman #southern-company #power #energy # #engineering

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Apr 09, 2018 744 views

Do Orthodontists get to choose their own workdays?

#dentistry #orthodontist

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Apr 09, 2018 1131 views

When learning to be a computer engineer is it hard to learn how to code.

I always thought coding would be hard. #technology #computer-engineering

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