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El Monte, California

Within 40 mile radius
Ari’s Avatar
Ari 2 days ago 403 views

How hard is it to get into the Seismology field?

I'm wanting to do Seismology as a career but I want to know how difficult it is to get into the field. It could be if it's competitive or certain things companies are looking for.

James’s Avatar
James 2 days ago 231 views

How can become a successful entrepreneur ?

In a technological advance world

ashton’s Avatar
ashton Apr 18 834 views

how to choose a good career in collge?

career tips

Kayode’s Avatar
Kayode Apr 18 369 views

What are the steps I need to take to become a professor in chemistry ?

How do I go about be on top of my academic career

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Apr 18 294 views

What are the guidelines in need to be a Biochemist?

I'll soon be a college student, what are the pathways I need to understand and master to become a renown Biochemist?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 18 305 views

Why is programming not thought at my class level?

I am 14 years old I have passion for computer programming and development. I have been going online through many articles and lecture on computer programming please where else can I get more information and learning outlet for computer programming. Why is programming not thought at my class level?

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 16 198 views

How to make a career choice?

for the confused

Ronald’s Avatar
Ronald Apr 15 134 views

Why does everyone want to be a content creator?

Concerned for my generation

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Apr 13 305 views

What is a career ?

Okay I’m sort of confused need some assistance on this

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Apr 12 177 views

Why do I feel like i know nothing in life career wise?

As in confused career wise

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Apr 12 163 views

How does it feel to transition careers midlife?

Thinking about people who are not sure about their career choices

tracy’s Avatar
tracy Apr 11 340 views

How does one start their own company?

What steps should be taken

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Apr 11 177 views

how to do reaserch in school?

ask different people questions

lino’s Avatar
lino Apr 11 221 views

How does one apply for helb?

I would like to study law or computer science in campus but i do not have the money

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 11 184 views

How can I be successful in this space??

Question writing tip

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