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Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
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Taiwo May 15 191 views

How can I be an entrepreneur ?

Being able to set up a career

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Yansiel Apr 26 539 views

How do other people get so good at photography?

How do other people get so good at photography? I want to learn how take beautiful photos and I want to be a photographer but I have no idea where to start and how I can improve

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Jaelin Mar 31 330 views

What makes choosing a career so important?

im a 10th grader

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shaina Mar 23 397 views

How can I have a better college application?

How can I have a better college application?

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Isaac Mar 19 669 views

How can I find and communicate with an engineer for an interview for my high school?

I am looking for someone to interview for my high school engineering academy. I’m interested in mechanical, electrical, and engineering physics but I am happy to interview any engineer. The interview would be online and we could discuss the time that works best for you. If anyone could give me...

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Alicia Mar 04 721 views

what are some reat college options if you want to be in cosmotlogy?

what are some reat college options if you want to be in cosmotlogy?i like doing makeup.

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Grace Jan 27 589 views

Career advice/College major advice?

Hello! After getting accepted into colleges and trying to narrow down majors , I am still stuck on what type of job I want to have in the future. I know I want to make a difference in the world but I don't know which degree could help me do that to get to the job I want to. I know that I...

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a Jan 03 532 views

what is a career within biology illustration

What is a career with illustration and biology

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Andrew Dec 17, 2023 450 views

What is the best way to go about earning scholarships?

I am trying to earn as much money as possible through scholarships to have little to no debt coming out of college. I am a Digital Media Production Major at Juniata College located in Huntingdon, PA and would like some advice on what my next steps are going about earning scholarships or to...

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Leena Nov 09, 2023 274 views

What would I have to accomplish in order to be a psychologist ?

What would I have to accomplish in order to be a psychologist? I’ve been wanting to be one for a while and go into social Sciences. I’m still in high school but im planning my future.

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Fayth Oct 31, 2023 233 views

What are things that could help me become a doctor?

I don’t really want to go to college because I don’t want to waste years of my life studying in school more than I already have to. Is there an easier way?

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Brianna Oct 18, 2023 932 views

What is the best way to market a business that you are first starting?

starting a business, low budget

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Skii Oct 16, 2023 227 views

What if u not good at fashion but still want to learn? How can u get creative if u don't know how to express it? Why is picking a career young so easy but older so much pressure?

I'm in 9th grade so I have bit of time until I decide which career I want. I like how fashion can make u look and feel, I never felt clothing I'm comfortable wearing, since I was a kid because I didn't care what people thought. But now I do and the only type of clothing I feel somewhat...

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Hannah Oct 15, 2023 506 views

How do I know what college I want to go to?

I want to go to school for social work, but I haven't done much time looking for a college to go to. I have pretty decent grades.

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Ava Oct 13, 2023 386 views

How do you know what you want to do what pushes you to figure it out ?

How do you know what college is best ?

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