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Sarah K.’s Avatar
Sarah K. Jan 22, 2018 236 views

Is it better to have more student loans from an amazing quality college or less student loans from an average college?

I am just wondering which would be smarter? Do I invest my money in a good college or do I try to stay away from debt?...


Melanie  H.’s Avatar
Melanie H. May 19, 2016 551 views

How do I become a nurse practitioner?

I have learned the process for employment. Can the process start following graduation but before passing the boards or do you have to wait until after passing the boards? Where should a new grad look for employment opportunities? Any tips or suggests... #nurse-practitioner #nursing...

#medicine #healthcare #higher-education #hospital-and-health-care

Akira M.’s Avatar
Akira M. Sep 06, 2018 382 views

Would it be good to study web design in London?

I want to be a web and graphic designer. I’m an American student. Is it a good idea? Or is programming overseas difficult. Also is it difficult for an American student to study in London?#webdesign #london #graphicdesign #international #studyabroad #webdesigner #britain #graphic-design...

#interior-design #design #computer-software #webdevolopment

Rick Y.’s Avatar
Rick Y. Jan 08, 2015 681 views

How do i get started on creating street wear and high end fashion?

Really would like to know where to begin from taking local sewing classes to going to art school. #fashion #artist #director...


Phoebe S.’s Avatar
Phoebe S. Mar 24, 2018 289 views

Will genetic modifications be considered ethical when I graduate?

I hope to be a human medical geneticist, and help treat or prevent genetic disorders, but many people view it unethical....


Jessica K.’s Avatar
Jessica K. Jan 24, 2018 403 views

How should I choose the right job for me in the field of Meteorology?

I am interested in pursuing a meteorology degree in college. However, there is a wide range of jobs and applications in this field, and I don't know how to narrow my choices down. What jobs are there, how do they differ, and how do I know which one is for me? #meteorology #meteorologist...

#atmospheric-science #weather #hurricanes

Marilyn R.’s Avatar
Marilyn R. Oct 21, 2019 186 views

How long does it take to pay off student debt loans after becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) ?

I’m in high school and I have my mind set on becoming a physician assistant. I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field but I can’t help but always think about how much it will cost and how long I will have to keep paying loans and stuff. #medicine #physician...


Kertiandra G.’s Avatar
Kertiandra G. Oct 17, 2018 229 views
Emily M.’s Avatar
Emily M. May 20, 2019 293 views

What is the best way to get a job?

Phoebe S.’s Avatar
Phoebe S. Mar 24, 2018 275 views

How am I supposed to afford graduate school?

If most people have to get #loans for undergrad, how do you pay for grad school? do you just have to take out loans? #graduate-school #financial-planning...


Jessica K.’s Avatar
Jessica K. Jan 24, 2018 321 views

How do I know if my degree of choice is too difficult?

I am interested in studying meteorology in college. This is my senior year of high school and I am taking physics and calculus to prepare for the meteorology degree. However, I feel like I am struggling in calculus. I'm passing, but I realize that harder courses are coming, and they may...

#degree #college #difficult #meteorology #calculus #ap-calculus #weather #meteorologist

Akira M.’s Avatar
Akira M. Sep 06, 2018 289 views

Anxiety in college

Lately I’ve been stressing about college because of my social anxiety. I can barely talk in front of people. But I’m great at interviewing and I do have good friends. Is college a good place for me? #college #collegeanxiety #collegesocialanxiety #socialanxiety #college-advice...


Ana C.’s Avatar
Ana C. Mar 26, 2018 370 views

How can I balance my time?

How can I balance my time between after school activities and my academics? I’m involved in only 2 school related clubs but I feel as though that’s not enough in order to make myself stand out in a college application. I want to be more involved in other clubs but my main concern is that I’ll...

#college #college-advice #time-management

Katelynn E.’s Avatar
Katelynn E. May 07, 2019 139 views

How do catholic doctors deal with abortions?

I previously asked a question regarding going into the medical field as a career. If I were to go into the medical field how would I handle a situation where a patient wants to have an abortion? I go to a Catholic high school and it is against my religious beliefs. Within my own understanding...

#healthcare #religion #career

Axel L.’s Avatar
Axel L. Mar 28, 2019 570 views

What kind of jobs are in high demand?

I want to do something that will allow me to earn a six figure income. Ideally something involving business and technology I love working with others #business #career #engineering...


Axel L.’s Avatar
Axel L. Jul 21, 2019 168 views

So I took the AP Spanish test a couple years ago and am planning to get certified as an interpeter and translator while I'm finishing college. What do I need to be certified and what would be the best options for me to do this kind of work?

I'm a native Spanish speaker I will be in Maryland or Pennsylvania for a few months trying to start the certification process, but eventually I will be going up to Utah #interpreter #translation #jobs #college #business...


Lily N.’s Avatar
Lily N. Oct 07, 2018 408 views

If my life had absolutely no limits, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

If you had all the money and time in the world, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you spend time with? These answers can help you figure out what you want to do with your life....


Axel L.’s Avatar
Axel L. Feb 28, 2019 278 views

How can I decide on what I want to major in for sure?

I want to go into business. I'm a people person. I eventually want to build, rent and sell properties. I would like to work with technology as well. #business #business-management...


Katelynn E.’s Avatar
Katelynn E. May 07, 2019 169 views

What profession should I go into; business management or the medical field?

All my life I have been set on the medical field. I always wanted to know how exactly the body works and I want to be able to be given a situation and say something as simple as "Well let's check for appendicitis," and be right about it. I want to be able to connect with children and solve...

#medicine #management #business #career

Lily N.’s Avatar
Lily N. Oct 07, 2018 244 views

What are the things I’m most passionate about?

The first step to living a more fulfilling life is to think about the things that I'm passionate about. What do I love? What fulfills me? What “work” do I do that doesn’t feel like work?...


Jessica M.’s Avatar
Jessica M. Sep 01, 2017 352 views

How hard is it to double major, and minor?

I want to double major in Music Education and Theatre, and also minor in Spanish in college. I have been doing some research and it seems like it will take a very long time and be incredibly busy to do so. #byuprovo #college-major #music #career-counseling...


Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Sep 26, 2018 235 views
Ian M.’s Avatar
Ian M. Oct 31, 2016 368 views

How often does a Structural Engineer get to work on a construction site?

I would like to know this question because i hope to pursue a career in structural engineering, but i don't just want to be stuck in an office all day. I would like to get some hands on experience with the projects i am working on. #construction...


Breanna R.’s Avatar
Breanna R. Sep 01, 2017 456 views

How do I get an internship my freshman year?

Everyone talks about them and how they're good to have but never how to get them or where to look for them. I want one as soon as possible. #psychology #clinical-psychology...


Madison K.’s Avatar
Madison K. Jan 24, 2018 273 views

How can I have a fun, busy social life while still maintaining good grades?

I plan on going to college, and I want to get good grades, and graduate. However, I also want to have a social life and I want to be able to go out and have fun! How can I balance those two things? #sociallife #college #work-life-balance...


Madison K.’s Avatar
Madison K. Jan 24, 2018 404 views

How will I make the decision of what major to choose if I have multiple fields I’m interested in?

I have multiple fields of work that I’m interested in, and don’t know how I’m going to choose one or the other! Are there ways to determine which is the best career path for me? #careers #collegemajors...


Elizabeth A.’s Avatar
Elizabeth A. Sep 03, 2017 361 views

What is the best way to study for the final exam for Anatomy and Physiology ?

I will be taking this class in the spring semester of this school year, and knowing it is a lot of information to absorb and memorize for the final exam in one semester I am looking for any helpful tips on studying for this class so I can be as successful as possible. #studytips #science...


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