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Halstad, Minnesota

Within 40 mile radius
Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 15, 2018 391 views

What are colleges really looking for when I apply?

I want to know how to make my applications stand out to get into high competition schools. #college #college-selection

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 30, 2018 396 views

How can I better my chances to get my dream job (environmental photojournalist)

I want to work for national geographic, but have heard that it is VERY competitive. What can set me apart and make me more appealing to them for me to achieve my dreams?

#environment #photojournalism

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jan 21, 2018 576 views

Best way to be successful in online classes?

As a current online only student you are required to be self disciplined and highly motivated. However is there any other tips for success that anyone has particularly in regards to balancing your family life, work, and school?
#online-learning #work-life-balance

Luke ’s Avatar
Luke Oct 14, 2015 839 views

What is it like being in media communications as a career?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking at potential careers for my future. Media communications is one that caught my eye and I want to find out more about it from a good source. Media communications seems like it would be an interesting career. Some questions I would like to ask are...

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Sep 27, 2017 646 views

How do I start my own company with out going into debt and struggling financially?

I want to run my own coding/ movie company. I want to write, direct, and code for the rest of my life. Starting a company is scary considering all the competition and fear of banckrupcy. #technology #computer #movies

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Oct 14, 2015 937 views

What does it take to become an attorney?

I am a senior in high school exploring my career options. What type of personality traits are good to have? How many years of college is required? What should a student looking to become an attorney major in? #attorney

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Oct 14, 2015 2194 views

What is the hardest thing about being an FBI agent?

I'm a senior in high school, and I have always been interested in criminal justice. I really think it would be great to work for the FBI or even CIA one day, as a goal. I know the requirements to become an FBI Agent, and I know that if someone does become an agent they don't necessarily get...

Hailee’s Avatar
Hailee Oct 27, 2016 672 views

What kind of classes should in college if I want to succeed in being a Firefighter?

I am working towards my dream career and I don't know the specific classes I should take to prepare for that. #firefighting #emt #emergency-management

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 30, 2018 340 views

How do you know your career or college is the perfect fit?

I have gone on many tours of different colleges and I still have no idea which one felt the most "right". Is there some feeling that you can describe that may help me with my future decision of enrolling in a specific college?

#future #help #career #college

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 15, 2018 697 views

How do I stay motivated to study?

I am easily distracted and I find myself not wanting to study but still wanting the better grades. #studying-tips #study-habits #motivation #higher-education

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 21, 2015 986 views

What is the best field to work in for income, and not much college

I wanna make some good money but dont know if college will really be my thing #college #money #income

Zachariah’s Avatar
Zachariah Oct 21, 2015 4959 views

FBI or CIA while in the National Guard? Which is a better choice?

I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard during my junior year. I am currently a senior I have more training after I graduate high school. I was doing research one day on the CIA for a school project and I noticed that I could become a CIA Agent while in the National Guard. I am wondering...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jul 06, 2019 526 views

What if I am not sure what I want to do when I graduate?


Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jan 21, 2018 664 views

How are you sure in your future?

I have been to school once before for Business Management. I thought I was sure that is what I wanted to do however I was given the opportunity without completing my degree and I gave it a shot for 3 years it just wasn't for me. Now back in school for something I have always had interest in but...

Kennedie’s Avatar
Kennedie Jul 26, 2020 377 views

Major Advice

I have attended two years of college( I go to MSUM), but right now I'm taking some time off to figure out the right major. I'd like to be in a field that focuses on helping others, but don't really want to be a nurse. I enjoy science, and learning about the brain, and find myself drawn to...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jul 23, 2020 297 views

Why do scholarships continue year after year, and what can I do to keep enrolling in a scholarship program that I have won?


Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 19, 2015 928 views

Is Office Max a good career to support myself +1

I work at Office Max and dont want to go to college right away. Will I be able to support myself in a apartment? #money-management

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Oct 18, 2015 4875 views

Sociology and Criminal Justice - Double majoring? Good or bad?

Would it be wise to double major in both sociology and criminal justice? I am a senior, and I am interested in both areas. #college-major #criminal-justice #sociology

Daysha’s Avatar
Daysha Sep 01, 2017 452 views

What field of study can I choose in college to learn about opioid addiction treatment and cures?

I lost my brother to opioid addiction last year and would like to be involved in groundbreaking research to find a cure for this disease. #medical-research #healthcare #medicine #research

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Oct 19, 2015 1234 views

Marketing Specialist, how to begin?

I am a Senior on the way out finding a few fields I am interested in. I have researched a little about marketing specialists but, I was hoping to learn a little more about how to start in the marketing field? #marketing

Ayla’s Avatar
Ayla Sep 01, 2017 423 views

Information about the Funeral Home business?

I plan on attending mortuary school after I graduate this year but I'm confused about all the career branches associated with the Funeral Home business. What I personally want to someday do is work in the funeral home, assist in picking up bodies, transporting to the crematory,...

Callie’s Avatar
Callie May 23, 2016 795 views

Once you complete a degree and become certified to teach elementary in one state how hard is it to become certified in another state?

I am looking at getting an elementary education degree in North Dakota and I am wondering how hard it is to get certified to teach in other states after that. #education #elementary

Luke ’s Avatar
Luke Oct 14, 2015 3303 views

What is it like as an oceanographer?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking at potential job options for my future. Oceanography seems like an interesting career and I think it could be fun as well. I always been at least somewhat interested in the ocean and wildlife. It also seems like there would always be something to...

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 14, 2015 2599 views

What is the best way to become a state trooper?

I am a senior at Norman County West and will be hopefully filling out applications for college soon. I have been looking into being a state trooper for a long time now and I have a few questions to ask. What college classes are needed to be a trooper, and how many years? I have also been...

Callie’s Avatar
Callie May 23, 2016 689 views

What part time job would be good to get while in college that will help with getting a job after graduation for elementary education?

I am going to need a job during college so it may as well be something useful for my degree. #elementary-education

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Oct 14, 2015 1314 views

What type of education and requirements would I need to be an entrepreneur?

I have always been interested in owning my own business. It is about time for me st start looking at colleges and I was wondering what classes I would have to take to gain a degree in business. What should I major in? How many years of college would be required? would I need a license to own...

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Oct 14, 2015 1633 views

Renewable Fuels of today?

I am a rising senior and have been thinking about the field of chemical engineering. I know chemical engineers are involved in many fields ranging from the make and testing of medicines to the making of a renewable fuel. I was wondering if there have been any recent studies being done on...

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 19, 2015 1256 views

Becoming a chef...

Hello, I am a senior at Norman County West and will be hopefully filling out applications for college soon. I have been looking into being a chef for a long time now and I have a few questions to ask. Is the starting minimum pay a good salary? How much schooling is needed for being a chef?...

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Oct 14, 2015 1184 views

What is some important information I should have when studying to become a Diesel Mechanic/Technician?

I am a Junior in high school and am looking for some more information on what I will need to know in order to become a Diesel Mechanic/Technician. I've grown up around farm and different types of equipment my whole life and I somewhat know my way around them. I would like to increase my skills...

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Oct 21, 2015 1080 views

What do I need to become a coach at a high school level and what are the benefits?

Hey, I am a Senior at Norman County West Highschool. I am interested in any sort of highschool coaching job. What kind of pay does a coach get at a highschool level? I don’t know a lot about highschool coaching, but I do know some about sports. Does coaching the game bring you closer to...

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