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Hickory, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
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levi May 31 1033 views

which is the best business model?

business model tips

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Tien Apr 10 520 views

How can I access volunteer activities related to nursing?

Hi, I'm in 10th grade now. I plan to participate in some health care volunteer activities in 11th grade. But I don't know how to access them or the criteria I need to have to be accepted.

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Mar 04 266 views

How am I supposed to juggle 2 different college majors and work ?

Trying to figure out my best choice for how to juggle all of the things i have to do when im in school but also having to pay bills and so on

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 578 views

How can I stand out for my nurse practitioner school interview?

What does the interviewer want to hear from the students applying to NP school

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 977 views

What questions are asked during a interview for nurse-practitioner school?

any personal, work-related, or challenging real-life experience questions

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 347 views

What classes or "pre-requisites" are required in order to apply to a nurse practioner program??

Other than the undergrad general education classes and the RN & BSN core courses...

courtney’s Avatar
courtney Feb 25 346 views

Is it really worth it to stress over college or live my life?

what's the reason to go to college i feel like i should just enjoy my life but you literally need money to live

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 265 views

What is the application process like for a nurse-practicioner?

I am interested in NP school, but I have no idea where to start. Other than the online application process, I wonder what else is involved.

Maleeyah’s Avatar
Maleeyah Nov 24, 2023 316 views

What would be great advice to help with getting me prepared for working with infants as a nurse and where would be a good place to start to get ready soon?

I’m 19 and working on college and I would like to know to get started.

kimberly’s Avatar
kimberly Oct 29, 2023 644 views

how can music & video games impact one's mental health?

as a 16 year old highschool student, music & video games is a big part of my life. adults always say it’s a distraction or not a big deal/thing but it reality, it really means a lot & i just wish my mom understood.

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Oct 25, 2023 349 views

Baseball Questions?

How do get out of a fielding slump in baseball? (I'm not in one just asking for future)

Reid’s Avatar
Reid Oct 14, 2023 463 views

What kind of jobs can I get with an astronomy/astrophysics degree?

What kind of jobs can I get with an astronomy degree? Is that something that pays really well or are there very few opportunities? Are there any kinds of internships I could take part in?

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Oct 12, 2023 4233 views

Police Academy Questions?

Is it true that you get tased and pepper sprayed in the police academy? What if you have no prior knowledge on how to use a firearm, will they teach you?

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Oct 06, 2023 397 views

How long does it take to get through collage with a psychology major and are there any good collage recommendations?

I just started working on psychology and I'm not quiet sure what schools I wan to go to caus I don't know what to look for in a collage.

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Oct 04, 2023 310 views

K-9 Officer/Law Enforcement Questions?

I am very interested in the Police/K-9 Force, Is the police academy hard? Do you have to be physically or mentally prepared? What does an average day look like for a K-9 Officer? Do you have to memorise the codes the radio?

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