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Milford, Delaware

Within 40 mile radius
lane’s Avatar
lane Dec 02, 2023 323 views

Is there anything I can do to help grow my money at age 15 other than working community labor jobs such as yard work or babysitting?

I want to be able to work online with little hours and just make some side money for my savings. I've been doing research but I haven't found anything but scams. ?

lane’s Avatar
lane Dec 01, 2023 447 views

What are some ways you were able to make money at a young age?

I have a job that pays 10.50 an hour and I make a percentage of the tips, it gets me by but I have trouble believing that this is all I can do, I want to make more, I want to be able to invest but I don;'t know where to start.

Elly’s Avatar
Elly Nov 24, 2023 716 views

How to be better at being social ?

I want to get better at being more social and being able to talk to people well without getting nervous.

meg’s Avatar
meg Sep 01, 2023 330 views

How to get different scholarships?

How would i be able to get multiple scholarships for in school activates such as clubs and sports . What colleges are best for acting and graphic design ?

Ro’s Avatar
Ro Aug 30, 2023 428 views

How to College Search?

How can I start college searching without a college in mind? I want to start during my sophomore year to have a head start before my junior and senior years.

Sherley’s Avatar
Sherley Aug 10, 2023 1503 views

What can I do at 16 to get started into real estate ?

Hi my name is Sherley. I am 16 year old . I am really interested in real estate but I don’t know where to start .

Chrissandra’s Avatar
Chrissandra Jul 23, 2023 308 views

When would be a good time to take classes for a emt?

When would be a good age to start taking classes for an emt? I really want to be one and I’m already a junior firefighter working on getting first responder experience.

yes’s Avatar
yes Jul 21, 2023 681 views

Would committing to art and graphic design (as a career path) be a reliable option?

Would committing to art and graphic design (as a career path) be a reliable option? And if not, are there alternatives so i can still do what i love?

Allamare’s Avatar
Allamare Jul 09, 2023 671 views

What is the easiest course to take while in college And why this a question that been on my mind since high school days also how long the courses have to be ?

What is the easiest course to take while in college? And why this a question that been on my mind since high school days also how long the courses have to be

Zachariah’s Avatar
Zachariah Jun 21, 2023 268 views

what is the life of carpentry

how hard is carpentry, is it worth it and how was your experience? what do I need to great a good carpentry job? is the carpentry industry stressful? what do you need

Norman’s Avatar
Norman Jun 16, 2023 248 views

How can you find a job that it interesting?

How can you find a job that you might be interested in?

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Apr 29, 2023 384 views

What is that hardest part about finding a job after college? Do you have job opportunities right away or does it take a while? What’s the best way to get a job faster?

I’m looking to become a biomedical or electrical engineer

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Oct 13, 2022 613 views

How to help me find a good path to my future

When Im done school i wanna go to college. I am interested in being a nurse and also working with kids. What careers could be a good fit for somebody like me ? Would you happen too know how much education is needed to become something in those type of job careers ?

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Nov 11, 2021 533 views

How to choose a college based on being an orthopedic pediatrician?

I am in high school. I am 16 and I know that this is something I love doing. I love taking care of children and helping them as well. #doctor #college #healthcare #nursing

Lynae’s Avatar
Lynae Aug 04, 2021 757 views

College biology student with too many career options

I am entering my junior year of college and do not know how to choose a career. I am a biology major with many interests and career options like optometry, genetic counseling, research, and college professor. I have shadowed an optometrist (a career I have been interested in for a long time)...

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