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Rosenberg, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Kylee’s Avatar
Kylee 14 hours ago 19 views

What is it like to be a surgical technologist? How hard was school to achieve this job?

How many year did schooling take?

kamryn’s Avatar
kamryn yesterday 62 views

what is the first step after graduating college as an interior designer to starting your career?

interior designers

Azlyn’s Avatar
Azlyn May 23 64 views

Where can a 14 year old get a job?

Are there any jobs a 14 year old can get so I can start saving for cars and whatnot?

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla May 16 79 views

How do I start a digital art business and promote my brand where it is known and I could get more customers?

I am an aspiring Digital artist who would like to start her business at 17 years old. I am going to college for a business degree and since I want to learn independence, I want to start my own business for my anime and digital art. Once my business grows I want to start giving my customers...

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 12 59 views

How much dose a starting accounting make?

I’m just wondering how much a starter account makes.I have seen on indeed that most starting accounts make around 60,000- and 65,000 a year and just trying to see if that’s true or not

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 10 44 views

Do you need a business degree if you want to be an accountant ?

If so why do I need one is it there another way of becoming an accountant without one. Do I evens need to to collage to at all to be an accountant.

Akio’s Avatar
Akio May 09 43 views

tips for high school

What are good studying tips for high school and college?

How do you set a studying arrangement with your friends or peers?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 30 108 views

How can I grow my popularity with potential employers at Disney through LinkedIn posts?

I currently work as a project manager for a commercial real estate company, which I love, but the dream is to someday work as a consultant for Disney or work for the Disney Company. I want to have more virtual coffee meetings with some of their employees and I'm wanting to know how to stand out...

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Apr 27 90 views

What is required to be an advanced practice psychiatric nurse?

What type of degree and GPA is needed to be an advanced practice psychiatric nurse? I am a student wanting to be one day an advanced practice psychiatric nurse and I need to know what GPA and what type of degree I need to go for.

ISIDORO’s Avatar
ISIDORO Apr 12 212 views

What is a great way to start a career in the Tech industry?

What tips can a freshmen college student like me can get to start a successful career in the tech industry, whether as a software developer or a computer engineer?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 03 156 views

What are some ways I can make money in college?

Any useful side hustle tips or part time job tips? (just to get me started financially)

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Mar 30 137 views

After receiving my decision from the university, would I be able to see the amount of financial aid they are offering??

I am exploring the college application process particularly in Texas. I want to know whether we would be able to compare my financial aid offers of all the universities that accepted me?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Mar 29 195 views

Where to start if I do not even know what career will suit me best?

What are some ways I can experiment with different career paths as someone starting high school next year?

Klaire’s Avatar
Klaire Mar 22 80 views

What is the best way to start a small business in a small town ?

I want to start a small business in my home town and grow from there! My home town doesn't have a lot of places to eat so I want to start my business there!

Klaire’s Avatar
Klaire Mar 22 97 views

What is the best way to start a business ?

like I said is my last Q&A I wan to be better than Gordon Ramsey so where do I start and when?

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