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luis G.’s Avatar
luis G. 3 hours ago 6 views

What's the downside of studying ethics and psychology?

I like to see the benefit and the downside to most of the difficult decisions in my life. I enjoy psychology and I like challenges. #psychology...


William Y.’s Avatar
William Y. 3 hours ago 4 views

What kind of classes would you need to take in undergrad school if you want to become a pharmacist or anesthesiologist?

I want to pursue a job in the med field or something relating to biological sciences but I'm not exactly sure what I want to be yet and am still researching #hospital-and-health-care...


Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Sep 18 94 views

How do I figure out what career I'd like to pursue in the future?

All my life, I've only been exposed to the most generic careers. ie. careers in the medical field, law, computer science, engineering, education. I've done research, but because I've only seen those select few careers in action, I'm not really sure what interests me. School isn't exactly...

#career #career-paths #career-choice

Hussein A.’s Avatar
Hussein A. Sep 17 81 views

What should I do if I plan to go to college but I'm not sure what I want to major in?

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future, I get exceptional grades however I've never been interested in any particular subject so far and I'm unsure about what I want to major in college. Any advice? #college #college-major...


isys L.’s Avatar
isys L. Sep 17 69 views

How did you find out what to major in?

#college-major I want to major in computer science but I don't know if it is right for...

Jeffrey C.’s Avatar
Jeffrey C. Sep 17 77 views

What are some of the few ways to catch up or self learn for any coding-related careers?

I really want to pursue a career in programming, but only have a little experience with programming. I am also applying to college in a few months, and wanting to major in CS. Should I self learn or catch up, and should I be worried? #career #math #computer...


Engoron L.’s Avatar
Engoron L. Sep 17 67 views

How difficult is it to jump into a career for CS regarding specific branches of it?

I'm a high school senior seeking to pursue a major in Computer Science in college/university because I'm passionate about a particular branch in CS, AI. As AIs are becoming more practical, intelligent, and utilized, I'm fascinated by all the capabilities that AI has across a spectrum of...

#college #computer-science

junhua L.’s Avatar
junhua L. Sep 17 78 views
lily L.’s Avatar
lily L. Sep 17 89 views

What is the most stressful thing about working in a office?

I have an interest in the financial field, like financial planning or accounting....


Jessica W.’s Avatar
Jessica W. Sep 17 53 views

What are some extracurricular activities if I want to be a data scientist?

I’m a senior and I was wondering what I should be doing or consider doing in high school or outside of school so that it would get me ready for data science. What are some resources that can help?...


DeBond C.’s Avatar
DeBond C. Sep 17 46 views

Can I do abroad study if I transfer from a different school?

I wish to go to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. I first want to go to city college for general courses then transfer but I also would like to study abroad. My question asks if I were to transfer after my second year, am I able to go study abroad on year three. #study-abroad...


Isabelle H.’s Avatar
Isabelle H. Sep 17 88 views

what are the most important things to consider when choosing a major?

I'm indecisive about my major and I just want some advice that'd help me choose the right one for myself and my future. #college...


Kevin W.’s Avatar
Kevin W. Sep 17 67 views

How do you find a career that you like

I want to find a career that is fun for me and that will be interesting in the future. Also being able to have fun and have a purpose in that field....


Cyrus V.’s Avatar
Cyrus V. Sep 17 64 views

How long should I commit to a career before deciding whether or not it's right for me?

I am a senior in high school wanting to go into an engineering degree, but I am not sure what type of engineering I want to do. I am willing and excited to try different types of majors within engineering, but I do not want to spend too much time in one area if I don't immediately think it's...

#career #job

Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Sep 17 92 views
Aaron B.’s Avatar
Aaron B. Sep 17 64 views

What are good colleges for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what colleges I should apply to so I have the best chance of getting the right education and the best education for mechanical engineering. #mechanical-engineering...


Ashley Z.’s Avatar
Ashley Z. Sep 16 66 views

What is it like to work in another country?

Right now, I'm still unsure about what I want to do in the future, but I've always wanted to travel the world and learn foreign languages. How would I be able to do that and earn stable income at the same time? Are there any careers that involve international travel? #travel #career...

#study-abroad #international

Anna D.’s Avatar
Anna D. Sep 16 23 views

How long do I have to be in school to become a marine biologist

Marine organisms are interesting and i'd like to pursue a career in studying them. #marine...


Atl W.’s Avatar
Atl W. Sep 16 39 views
Jillian L.’s Avatar
Jillian L. Sep 16 25 views
Qianlin F.’s Avatar
Qianlin F. Sep 16 41 views

What I can do in the future?

I am very confused about what I should major in college, and I can't find an interest that can be my career. When I look at the major lists of colleges, I don't even know how to choose. How can I figure it out? #college-major #career...


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