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Wausau, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 02, 2018 347 views

What is the easiest way to balance double majoring in college, and having 2 jobs?

I am planning to double major in college, and already have two jobs as well, and I can already see it's going to be overwhelming and would like some advice.


Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 02, 2018 509 views

What is the best way to search for scholarships?

I am a junior in high school, and my mom has had me apply to college already, and I want to apply for scholarships, but I have no idea how, or what exactly I'm supposed to be doing.

#scholarships #college

Holly’s Avatar
Holly Oct 31, 2016 527 views

How much do biomedical engineers get to help people? (ex: design new and better artificial organs/prosthetics; help a blind person see or a deaf person hear)

I plan on going to school to study biomedical engineering. I'm a really caring person and I need to have a career where I can help people, so I would like to know how good of a fit biomedical engineering would be for me. #biomedical-engineering

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Oct 25, 2016 999 views

I am having a hard time deciding between architectural engineering and civil engineering.

Can you say some pros and cons of each? #civil-engineering #architecture #architectural-engineering

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