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Madisyn M. Sep 11, 2019 125 views
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Kayla G. Feb 04 30 views
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Kellie A. Dec 15, 2014 830 views

What types of classes will I be taking if I want want to major in accounting?

I am a high school student and have taken accounting classes at my school and I am thinking about continuing my education after high school to major in accounting. #finance #marketing #economics...


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Kyle W. Dec 12, 2014 5407 views

To become a veterinarian what classes should i take in high school

i would like to become a veterinarian, and would like to know which classes would be beneficial to take in my high school career. As well as any schools for veterinarians in the eastern United States. #doctor #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #animals...


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Nancy S. Sep 04, 2019 98 views

What's the best format for a resume?

Starting out looking for my first job out of college...


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Grace R. Jan 31, 2017 407 views

What specific criteria determines how much an elementary school teacher makes annually in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire?

I am a high school senior interested in maybe becoming an elementary school teacher in New England in the future. I've noticed that there is a very broad spectrum of salaries for elementary school teachers so I would appreciate some clarity as to what factors come in to play when determining...

#financial-planning #elementary-school #new-hampshire #school #teacher #teaching #salary #education #elementary-education

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Madison S. Aug 16, 2018 215 views

What habits/routines did you keep up in college that helped you stay stress free?

I know college has lots of stresses, and would love to be able to minimize the stress I have during college so I can focus on my studies....


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Jakai G. May 01, 2019 67 views
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Emily M. Dec 10, 2015 3213 views

What are some entry-level jobs that could lead to becoming a project manager?

I am a high school senior with a special interest in business. I hope to one day become a project manager at a company, but as I am looking at colleges and majors, I am wondering what steps lie in between graduating college and reaching a project manager position. I was wondering what some...

#career-path #management #project-management #logistics-management #entry-level #business

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Madeline L. Feb 14, 2017 686 views

As an opinion, does clinical psychology rely more on the people to people aspect; being able to read patients and listen to their problems, or the scientific, neurological aspect?

I am wondering if I have a possible future in clinical psychology and would like more experienced opinions on what this entails. #psychology #mental-health #mental-health-counseling...


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Tristan M. Dec 15, 2014 6032 views

How can I job shadow a commercial pilot?

This is an assignment for me. Thank you to anyone who helped #job #pilot...


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Lauren J. Aug 21, 2018 172 views

Where is the best place for a professional dancer to live?

I'm looking to major in dance and want to go somewhere where I will opportunities after college #dance...


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Alexandra T. Sep 24, 2018 162 views

Looking for advice to a future therapist applying to graduate school

Hello, I would like to get in touch with current professionals within the clinical / counseling / therapy / social work field. I would like to know the pros and cons, challenges, and what an average day would look like! #social-work #therapy #counseling #clinical...


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Lauren J. Aug 21, 2018 255 views

How can you limit after-college debt?

what is the best way to manage debt after graduating college...


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Madison S. Aug 16, 2018 246 views

What are the best ways to get involved in your career field?

Sometimes finding jobs can be tough and connecting into your field during college has a huge advantage. #career...


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Spencer M. Jan 16, 2018 343 views

How do you decide on a major?

I have no indication of any field I particularly enjoy and would want to spend the future working in. I don't have much of an idea on how to try and narrow down my interests and decide on a major #college-majors...


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Spencer M. Jan 16, 2018 190 views

What jobs are available with a psych major?

Considering majoring in psychology because I find the subject matter interesting but unsure of what jobs there are beyond research and psychologist #psychology...


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Kristen C. Dec 15, 2014 787 views

What classes in college must you take to become an elementary school teacher, and are internships necessary?

Hello, I am a junior in high school looking for possible careers for the future. I enjoy working with kids and being a leader so I thought teaching would be a good choice for me. I just have some questions to make sure I am following the correct path! #teaching #education #children...


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Alaina B. Dec 15, 2014 704 views

Is majoring in English, beneficial when one is looking to become an High-School English Teacher?

Throughout High-School, English has been my favorite subject. Recently, I have seriously started to consider becoming a Secondary Education Teacher. It seems only natural that English would be the subject I want to pursue. So, I was wondering if it would be beneficial to major in English,...

#english #teacher #major

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Terry C. Jan 22, 2018 123 views

Is it harder to get scholorships as an adult learner?

I'm working on a BSN while working full time. There is no tuition reimbursement thru my employer. I have tried for many scholarships. So far unsuccessfully....


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Samantha G. Dec 04, 2015 838 views

What field of study would someone have to do to become a water resource specialist?

I am a senior in high school and recently I've found that I am interested in this career. I don't know much about what it takes to become a water resource specialist, but I am interested in learning more about it and seeing if it is the right career for me. I am also interested in learning more...

#college-major #science

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Courtney S. May 13, 2016 408 views

I am interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist. What majors would be recommended?

I am asking because I have talked to several doctors to see what college administrators are looking for and there is a divide in their answer. Some stay steer clear of any majors that have anything to do with science and others say focus mainly on the science aspect because it prepares you for...

#science #hospital-and-health-care #doctor #medicine #college #premed

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Courtney S. May 13, 2016 757 views

How long does it take to become an Anesthesiologist?

I have wanted to become an Anesthesiologist for awhile now but never knew how long it would actually take me. #college #doctor #anesthesiologist #premed #science #medicine...


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Nicholas P. May 16, 2016 330 views

what part of the country would be best for me to follow my dream after college and continuing to play Volleyball competively

i am playing Volleyball for a division III college and would love to continue to play after college #professional...


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Mateo R. Sep 30, 2017 319 views

What careers benefits a pre-med path in college

I want to become a psychiatrist and go to medical school, but I am not sure yet what should i major in college. #medicine #psychology #neuroscience #anatomy...


Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. May 16, 2016 370 views

I am going to College for Sports Management, and playing Volleyball for a division School ,but also want to give back to the community. What programs can I look into to achieve that goal?

I have always been athletic, and as I found my niche for what sport I wanted to focus on, I had gone through many coaches and many have not only helped me athletically, but also cared about the person I am. If i had some difficulty they were there to lend a helping hand, even if it was advice...

#coach #coaching #athletics

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Julia W. Dec 07, 2015 691 views

In Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which industry (healthcare, advertising, etc.) did you find most fulfilling?

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm currently a senior in high school who is looking at a few career options. I have found that the skills, interests and wants I have match up with an I/O Psychologist very well. An interesting part of of the job is that are many different industries that one can go...

#pyschology #industrial #organization

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Kelly S. Dec 16, 2014 1066 views

Is the job of a Special Education Teacher thankless and tiring?

I'm asking this question because I realize that this career can be difficult sometimes, and I want to make sure that I will be able to handle the pressure put on me every day. #teaching...


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