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Miracle W. May 18, 2016 1137 views

What is the best major and minor to have if you want to go to graduate school for Occupational therapy.

I am asking because I plan to go to school for Occupational therapy but I have no idea what I should major in and you must obtain a bachelor's degree before you can apply for an occupational therapy program. #college #majors #counselor #college-minor #occupational-therapy #majors-and-minors...

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Kayleigh K. May 18, 2016 346 views

What information do I need to find out to decide if my college is good in my program?

I am looking into psychology, and some colleges I'm looking into have more professors in that field and I don't know if that means they have a better program or not? I also don't know what kinds of questions I need to ask to find out how good their program is. #psychology #professor...


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Shaige W. May 18, 2016 477 views

When selecting and entering a college, how do you handle the change of pace from being dependent to independent?

I am the youngest graduate from my high school, I will be graduating at the age of 16. I've matured faster than most my age but I still feel unprepared to handle life on my own. This is a vital question regarding my survival in college and life. #college #counselor #coaching...


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Tatyana Z. May 18, 2016 356 views

Should I go along with a predesignated freshman program or explore on my own?

My future college has a freshman course that gives a broad introduction to college and what it has to offer. I'm just wondering if I should take this class or trek on my own, develop my own perspective.... #counselor...


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Jorge G. May 18, 2016 624 views

Is it good to enter the navy as a doctor?

I would like to know the details about the benefits, base pay, work environment, training programs, and rank when in the navy after becoming a doctor. #medicine #military #counselor #navy...


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Idris A. May 18, 2016 856 views

What is the difference between high school life and college life

I will be graduating high school in June, and attending college in the fall. Therefore, I want to have an idea what it is like to be in college #college #teaching #teacher #counselor...


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Lindsey H. May 16, 2016 446 views

Who is the best person to talk to when determining a career path?

I am currently planning on studying environmental science in college but I still don't have much of an idea of what I want to do when I graduate. I want to know who can help me discover careers that might interest me and how can I start preparing to pursue that career option. #teaching #teacher...

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Elizabeth L. May 15, 2016 405 views

How can I save money in college?

College is expensive as it is so how can I lower my costs of everyday living so I don't not have an overwhelming amount of college debt? #teaching #counselor...


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Amber C. May 13, 2016 545 views

Which is the best way to cope with feeling "stuck" in the career/job that you are in?

I am asking this question because I have the constant thought of possibly being contained with a low-paying job and clinging to the finances of my parents for the rest of my life, which I desperately want to avoid, as does every soon-to-be adult. Some family members say that they are not happy...

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Amber C. May 13, 2016 490 views

What is the best idea to take if your dream for the future is not as practical or resourceful as you once believed?

I am asking this question because many people tell me that I may be overthinking the results of my post-secondary choices. I hope to create an inspiring cartoon that will capture attention and or possibly turn it into a film. However, I realize that I may not animation as much as I like the...

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Deja S. May 13, 2016 499 views

Can you change classes in college if you dont like your major?

I recently attempted to learn calculus in high school and was failing miserably and my counselor was unable to let me change it until the grading period was over even though the year just started. #teacher...


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Brooke Z. May 10, 2016 434 views

How do you know what major to sign up for? What if I change my mind? How does the major thing work exactly??

I want to be an interior designer.i want to own my own company as well. So do I major in business or something to do with art?? #professor...


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Fatema L. May 05, 2016 724 views

What is the procedure for being a pediatrician in New York City?

I want to set my medical career and I'm trying to lay my future out. Right now, I'm a high school junior so I'm deciding on majors and colleges to apply to next fall. Thank you! #college #doctor #medicine #health #pre-med #pediatrician #counselor...


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Kaley F. May 04, 2016 1957 views

I am a sophomore in college with a 2.9 gpa going into my junior year. Is it still possible for me to get into a nursing program after i graduate college even if i only bring my gpa up to a 3.3?

I was just looking at all of my past grades in college so far and didn't realize how terrible I'm doing. In high school, I was an average student. I think i ended with a 3.4 gpa and honestly I didn't really care too much about school. My freshman year I was a little lost and didn't know what i...

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Esmie E. Apr 13, 2016 596 views

How many years of college do I need to become a counselor?

What classes and how many years do I need of college to become a counselor?...


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colleen L. Apr 01, 2016 362 views

My college now offers a master of science in rehabilitation and addiction counselor. There are only 2 of these in the US. I am about to graduate with my BS LADC and want to get a masters. With this masters program I will recieve LPC and or LPCC. .

I have been told that getting a LICSW compared to a LPCC could be better? But I am not sure I want to learn more on social work, the systems. What is different between LICSW and LPCC. I was just accepted into the masters program and I wasnt sure this program will be for me? #counselor...


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Oscar V. Dec 10, 2015 2058 views

Is it hard being a counselor?

I am from California (The Golden State) and I was wondering if it was a hard job to be a counselor for people like a couples counselor or a therapist. #career #counselor...


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Jennica V. Oct 29, 2015 563 views

What is good thing to practice before becoming a counselor?

I am thinking about becoming a counselor one day. As I am too young now, how can I practice and perfect learning the job. What are good tips that I can learn so that one day I can be very good....


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Noman N. Jul 03, 2015 447 views

hi iam international student and i want to know that there is any replacement for ap exam

iam in 12th grade and i didn't appeared for ap test and idont have time to wait for next year #counselor...


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Delaina H. Apr 15, 2015 665 views

What area of study should you go into to become a substance abuse counselor?

I would like to pursue a career as a substance abuse counselor #counselor...


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Test S. Apr 07, 2015 603 views

What kind of classes do I need to become a counselor?

I am showing my students how to ask questions on CareerVillage and how to respond to them. Thank! #psychology #education #counselor #counseling #human-rights...


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Mark W. Apr 06, 2015 786 views
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Maya M. Mar 24, 2015 865 views

What is the average pay of an school social worker per year ?

I am asking this question because when I go to college I am considering making sociology my major #student #counselor #professors #social-worker #therapists...


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Tia O. Mar 24, 2015 1359 views
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Sophia D. Mar 23, 2015 511 views

What Career would I pursue if I double major in English and Chicano studies?

I love to write so I figured to major in English. I want to be a writer but also somewhat of an activist that awakens awareness in society about a plethora of issues/topics. Chicano studies is a major/minor that got my attention. It provides insight on latino/Mexican culture.I figured that...

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Bryana K. Mar 20, 2015 544 views

What courses would I have to take in order to be successful in the career of a guidance counselor?

Provides support services to students, staff, and parents. Support services include referrals, counseling, assessment, diagnostics, and report writing. This work takes place at the school site, in other public buildings, and in private residences. Additional responsibilities include student...

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Alexus T. Mar 05, 2015 645 views

What is the turnover rate for a social worker?

Doing an project about an career you want to do. #psychology #social-work #counselor...


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Alexus T. Mar 04, 2015 782 views

what is a social worker work environment?

Doing a project for class on the career you want to do. #social-work #counselor #counselling #social-worker...


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Sahira S. Feb 16, 2015 2250 views

Careers related to Arts and the Environment

I'm open to suggestions about professional careers relating to arts and environment sustainability. All I can think of is architecture, but I wouldn't want to limit myself just towards that field. Plus, I'm currently in Malaysia, so it would be better if the jobs are available here. #art...

#counselor #undergraduate #architect #nature #environmental

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Lexi K. Jan 21, 2015 1552 views

How do I find the right career path?

Teachers, family members, and friends advise you to pick a career / career path that you will enjoy. The problem with that is I don't know what I want to do. I don't want to wait till the last second to pick my career choice either. I know I would prefer a job that involves helping others and /...

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