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Career Questions tagged Physician

Athena R.’s Avatar
Athena R. Jun 17, 2020 251 views

What are the differences between a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant?

Hello, I am a rising junior in high school who is interested in going into the medical field. However, I don't know what I want to be yet. I am currently looking into both of these careers. Which job in your opinion is "better" (in all aspects: salary, job opportunities, hours, etc.) medicine...

physician medical nursing nurse healthcare doctor

Athena R.’s Avatar
Athena R. Jun 17, 2020 160 views

What do physician assistants do, and how do I become one?

Hello, I am a rising junior in high school who is interested in going into the medical field. However, I don't know what I want to be yet. I am currently looking into becoming a PA. medicine medical doctor healthcare...


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Adrian A. Apr 17, 2020 142 views


what is the daily life of a physician like, such as routines medicine healthcare...


Adrian A.’s Avatar
Adrian A. Apr 17, 2020 148 views


requirements needed to become a physician . I am a freshman...


Marilyn R.’s Avatar
Marilyn R. Oct 21, 2019 528 views

How long does it take to pay off student debt loans after becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) ?

I’m in high school and I have my mind set on becoming a physician assistant. I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field but I can’t help but always think about how much it will cost and how long I will have to keep paying loans and stuff. medicine physician...


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Sammiee V. Aug 07, 2019 240 views

Is it a busy career?

Naturopathic physician medicine...


Ana R.’s Avatar
Ana R. Mar 26, 2018 545 views

How could my salary, as an aspiring physician who is female and part of an under represented minority group, be affected in my future?

I have learned that in 2017 only about 34% of physicians were female. In addition to being female I am also a part of a minority group. I would like to know how these factors may play a role in determining my salary in my future career even though these facts have nothing to do with how I could...

physician hospital-and-healthcare women minority female medicine women-in-stem healthcare

Aleksandra B.’s Avatar
Aleksandra B. May 04, 2019 320 views

What are STEM-related activities I can do outside of college classes that help me become a successful medical school applicant?

I will be attending Northeastern University next year, and I would particularly love to get advice or suggestions for opportunities that are located in the Boston area. I plan to co-op during my undergrad, but are there other important things I can accomplish as a premed student? stem...

physician doctor northeastern college boston medicine women-in-stem premed healthcare science

Ashlyn R.’s Avatar
Ashlyn R. Jan 23, 2019 312 views

whats it like to be a sports med physician assistant?

I just want to know the steps to take. medicine physician healthcare doctor...


Jossie D.’s Avatar
Jossie D. Nov 16, 2018 381 views

What criteria did you need to become a physician's assistant?

I am trying to plan my career as a physician's assistant and need guidance on now and where to start. physician medicine...


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Bavi R. Aug 17, 2018 338 views

Where can I apply for my career and still be licensed correctly to perform it?

I am a senior trying to find details about my major of choice: Naturopathic Physician. Although, I have came to notice that the only way you can become a licensed and valid physician of this pathway is to approach a CNME accredited program but from where I live they are far out of state and...

physician medical-education doctor

Victoria S.’s Avatar
Victoria S. Aug 17, 2018 243 views

I am not sure if I want to go to nursing school or physician assistant school.

I love the medical field, but I am torn....


Cierra B.’s Avatar
Cierra B. Jul 25, 2018 571 views

Midwife Nurse & Midwife Physician Assistant

What is the different certification, degree, salary and job duty between a midwife nurse and a midwife physician assistant? physicians-assistant nurse physician nursing...


Karlee F.’s Avatar
Karlee F. May 13, 2016 603 views

How hard is it to be a chiropractic physician in Oklahoma?

I heard this is a very competitive field. I was curious to know how difficult it will be to establish my practice after I graduate. college career physician physicians chiropractor...


isabel B.’s Avatar
isabel B. Jul 09, 2018 605 views

Will being an Emergency Medical Technician scar me for life?

I am currently enrolled in an EMT certification course offered at my school, and, though I am very very excited about it, I am also quite terrified at the possible situations I might encounter on a call. Do EMTs frequently feel burned out and emotionally drained? Also, is it possible for an EMT...

physician emt emergencymedicaltechnician ambulance emergency doctor

Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. May 31, 2018 385 views

What motivated you to continue on with school?

I know I have a long road ahead of me as I start this journey of one day becoming a doctor. For all those Doctors out there. Can you offer some advice on what you did to keep you motivated to stay the course and never give up on yourself even when times got hard. doctor . physician....

college-degree college medicine healthcare

Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. May 31, 2018 364 views

Challenges ahead of me as I seek my goal of being a Doctor?

What type of Road Blocks do I face as a minority female entering the Biology/Pre-Medicine fields for college? biomedical biology doctor physician medical-field...


Olivia W.’s Avatar
Olivia W. Mar 23, 2018 627 views

How did you prepare yourself, as a student and an individual, for the MCAT?

Being a high school junior, I have experienced scheduling studying for the ACT with regular high school life. However, how were you able to balance such an imposing and important test, the MCAT, with college life? How were you able to find time to do things for yourself and offset that with...

physician doctor medical-school medschool college medicine graduate-school family-medicine mcat