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Arianna H. Mar 17, 2014 4174 views

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in?

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in? I'm a Junior and I still don't know what I want to do after college. #career...


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Adamar L. Oct 29, 2016 836 views

Is it okay to feel scare to start working?

Im new to all of this "independence"...


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Angelina P. Mar 09, 2017 1459 views

If you were going to rate your job, 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being amazing, what would you rate it?

So, you are filling out a survey for your job. One of the questions is, "Rate your job on a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst and 10 being best." What would you rate your job? Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work, do you just "not mind" working, or do you REALLY hate your job? Thank...

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Devetra C. May 02, 2017 12469 views

Does it matter to employers that you graduate college with honors?

Still in school and want to know whether or not I should make straight A's on everything. #career...


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Eric C. May 09, 2019 370 views
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Jessica J. Aug 02, 2019 134 views

can i work with animals

i love animals and wish to work with them but i know that im not always going to get to do that im a very hard worker and if i want something done i get it done im 14 and energetic i also want to be successful in life #animals...


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Brian S. Sep 06, 2019 152 views

What are valuable strengths?

Hi, my name is Brian I am a Glen Rose HS student, I am 18years old and a junior My strengths are working outside, riding horses, and roping cattle. I am interested in as a cow hauler. In my spare time, I ride horses and fix fence #career-counseling . What other strengths or experiences might I...

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Anaya F. Sep 17, 2019 280 views
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Brieana W. Sep 24, 2019 107 views

I need help deciding what career path to take.

I need help deciding what career path to take....


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Dimitar N. Mar 16 345 views

What are your thoughts on working in the banking industry?

I am an economics student looking to connect with professionals in domaind such as banking, business and finance #business #finance...


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danieh K. May 11 474 views

Math is not one of my strongest strengths. Will I struggle in the area of economics because of this?

Hi, I'm a 16-year-old high school student determined to get an education in the areas of economics and business. I have many strengths but one of them does not include math. The Idea of this extremely bothers me because I feel as if I will struggle. Any advice? (thank you for all the...

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oisin D. May 15 309 views

How do I find work in my area?

I am 6’2, 15 years old and a hard worker. I like a challenge and im in need of a job #bluecollar #work #career #sports #social-work...


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Jorden C. May 22 139 views