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Brian May 24, 2018 1678 views

Besides a computer science degree, what else can I do while in college to make myself more employable after college?

In addition to working on my college degree in technology, what else should I do while in college to make myself more employable?

#computer-science #degree #technology
#employable #job-application

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Christie Apr 04, 2020 3640 views

What are some best practices for building a LinkedIn profile as a college student?

On a more specific note, should I include my role in an executive board for a student organization in the experiences section or in the volunteering section? #student #resume #job #career #college #linkedin

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Paula Oct 21, 2019 842 views

How would I do a resume?

I'm looking to do a professional resume to include my college courses #resume

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danieh May 14, 2020 2085 views

Should I take calculus?

I'm in high school right now wanting to pursue an education in business/economics, and I'm wondering if I should take calculus in my senior year. Any advice? #math #business #career #econ #economics #highschool #school #professional #university

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Isabelle Jun 03, 2020 2150 views

What do you wish you knew before going to college and deciding your major?

I have one more year left of high school and am currently looking into colleges and majors to decide where I will be applying to in the fall. As excited as I am for the future, I am very new to all of this and want to make the right decisions when it comes to paying for college, choosing the...

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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 571 views

What does success look like in your position?

I want to learn about what success looks like in different roles

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Kamaria Aug 28, 2018 902 views

How do I get internships in college?

#intern #internships #jobs

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Ena Feb 26, 2017 813 views

Whats difference between economy and business course?

I think economy students have similar jobs with business students. #business #economy

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Priyanka Jan 21, 2020 513 views

Although badminton won’t be the sole reason for my admission in Stanford if it happens , will it be at least helpful to a certain extent

As it is a club sport and i will have a chance to play there and in some of the competitions they participate in, will badminton have atleast some contribution to my resume or not?
#badminton#stanford #resume #career #college-advice

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Jessica Jul 09, 2020 2968 views

What type of management style do you work with best? What are the different management types?


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Donovan Jan 17, 2018 3008 views

What is the best study habit to have for any class?

The reason why because I don't have a consistent study habit.#study-tips #studying #academic-advising #time-management #study-skills

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Sohaib Jan 18, 2018 818 views

How much will my ACT effect my chances for success?

I have been studying a lot for the ACT and I have been improving, but I am not a great standardized test-taker and the reading section is what hurts me the most. Will having a score in the lower thirties negatively impact my chance for success? #ACT #exam #standardized-testing #entrance-exams...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 578 views

How do you choose a career if you have no hobbies?

I do really like working with babies and children #career-path

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charlotte Mar 07, 2020 683 views

Most Important Part to an Internship Application

I realize not all industries or jobs are alike, but I think it'd be worthwhile to ask. When applying to a summer internship and including my resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation- which of these 3 do you find to be the most valuable/important?

#internship #resume #job #application

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Britney Apr 25, 2017 928 views

Are there any good cites to help me study for the AP Statistics Exam

I'm taking the AP Statistics exam in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone knows any good websites that have review material, testing strategies, and practice tests. #ap #statistics #ap-exam