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Summer Intern 2020
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Mary May 30, 2016 920 views

Which option would be best?

I'm having trouble deciding where to go to college. Excluding the costs, I want to go out of state. But I also had an idea that maybe I should go to college in-state first for the first 4 years then go to college out of state for grad...And I'd like to get out of my comfort zone and become a...

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Jun 22, 2016 816 views

What are some important things to do post-internship?

Now that an internship is over, what can I do to make sure I make the most out of it? How do I keep contact with my employers to make sure they are still in my "network"? #high-school #internship #employer

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 26, 2018 556 views

Is joining honor societies (the kind you have to pay for) worth it in college?

I'm not really sure how honor societies work in college to begin with, but I recently received an email about being accepted to one. I looked into it, found it to be real, and logged into the website. After this, though, I found that I would have to pay ($100/year) to be a member and be able to...

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Emma Jul 30, 2020 1071 views

Networking virtually?

What are some tips for networking with potential employers when everything is online?

#JULY20 #law #covid19 #virtual #legal #july

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Paula Jan 17, 2018 695 views

Do extracurriculars really matter in high school and does it look better to take college classes rather than AP courses?

My school does not offer many extracurriculars and does not have any AP classes but there are college classes provided. #college #high-school-classes #classes #extracurriculars #high-school

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 25, 2018 850 views

What opportunities are available in most high schools that will prepare me for college?

Hello, I am looking to find more opportunities in high schools to be more prepared for college. I have taken AP courses and will be taken some CE next year. Although, I just learned it is possible to graduate high school with an associate's degree. I have also learned about the AVID and...

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Aug 03, 2020 1569 views

What extracurricular activities are more appealing and noticeable to faculty at Columbia University?

Hi I’m currently a rising senior in high school and I’ve been considering which colleges I would like to go to. At the top of my list is Columbia University but it’s very difficult to get into. Are there any particular extracurricular activities that stand out more on the college applications?...

Camille’s Avatar
Camille Feb 04, 2019 743 views

What are good jobs for 14 year olds? And will they most likely hire teens


Katy’s Avatar
Katy Jun 12, 2020 2494 views

How do I get a job at 14 years old?

My name is Katy, and I'm 14 years old. I want to get a summer job. #job-search

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 04, 2020 1032 views

What are jobs that will hire 15 year olds?

I'm looking for a job. It's difficult to find #jobs that will hire a 15 year old. #job-search

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Aug 02, 2020 814 views

How to prepare in high school if you want to study history in university

I am currently a Gr. 12 high school student who is interested in humanities and social sciences field (especially history) and would like to take one or two in these field as major(s) of study. I have read some academic books written by various historians, philosophers, sociologists and...

Chalee’s Avatar
Chalee May 10, 2018 868 views

How can I take online college classes while in highschool?

So that I can do it as soon as possible because I want to get a job with my dream job of being a pediatric nurse and save money to travel while I’m still young!! #online-learning #online-college #e-learning #distance-learning #pediatricnurse #nursing

Clarise’s Avatar
Clarise Apr 04, 2018 1180 views

How many hours of classes should I take per semester?

I am working on enrolling, and I will be a full-time student. I want to take as many gen-ed classes as I can to get them out of the way, but how many hours would you recommend I take? I won't be living on campus, so I don't want to overload on classes, but I would like to get classes done....

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Jan 25, 2018 709 views

what are some advice to give when students apply for colleges?

students always have trouble going through the application process. What are some good suggestions for students who are struggling with college application? What things should they watch out or keep in mind?
#college #college-admissions ##collegeapplication #college-advice

Dilara’s Avatar
Dilara Jul 30, 2020 544 views

What's the best advice you have for me if I'm planning to apply to ivy league or comparable schools?

I'm a rising senior and I've started writing my applications. What is something I should know or something I should do to help myself be as successful as possible? #JULY20 #college #collegeapplication #advice